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Benton Rooks and Mitch Schultz (DMT: The Spirit Molecule) on Visionary Art

1551756_10153503464733475_4270224262676300867_nI recently had the distinct honor of speaking to one of my very favorite culture hacking heroes Mitch Schultz, director and producer of the forward thinking documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule and champion of a new project MYTHAPI. Below is a slightly abridged version of our original audio conversation.

BR: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, my friend. What inspired you to create DMT: The Spirit Molecule? It’s really a fantastic documentary—still ahead of it’s time in many ways—and I felt it sort of gave a professional face to the culture when it came out, which was much needed at the time. 

The documentary was inspired by my first smoked DMT experience, which happened a little over a decade ago now. Looking back it’s amazing how quick that has gone. But this inspiration has really been seated within me my entire life—it seems like there have been signposts leading me along this path (laughs) but, the moment I came back from that experience and sitting in my room I knew I was going to make a movie.… Read the rest

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Jonathan Talat Phillips Interviews ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule’ Director Mitch Schultz

Picture: Jonathan Talat Phillips (C)

The Electric Jesus author and DisinfoCast guest Jonathan Talat Phillips has interviewed ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule’ director Mitch Schultz

Via Huffington Post:

What was it that made you want to create the documentary film, ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule”?

I had never heard of dimethyltryptamine prior to encountering it. This was a little over a decade ago, and a friend of mine was moving back to Brazil and we all got together and somebody brought it. Within that 10-minute experience my life changed, and coming back from that experience it was almost immediate that I knew that I was going to make a film about it. I didn’t know it was going to be “DMT: The Spirit Molecule,” but I knew I was going to make a film, and that nobody was talking about DMT. It is a little risky, it’s something that is very unusual and it’s probably one of the bigger reasons that people don’t want to touch it.

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