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Doug Rushkoff’s New Film, ‘Digital Nation’

Make sure to check out Doug Rushkoff's new film for PBS (Feb. 2 @ 9 PM or watch it on the PBS site). Here's what Doug posted on his blog:
Digital Nation – a PBS Frontline documentary I’ve been working on for, gosh, two years now – is finally airing this coming Tuesday evening, Feb 2, at 9pm on pretty much all PBS stations in US. (I know: that’s during the Lost premiere that even Obama feared going up against. But you can Tivo Lost, watch us live, and watch Lost after without the commercials.)
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Douglas Rushkoff On Corporations As Uber-Citizens

Long-time friend of disinformation Doug Rushkoff always has great insight on cultural matters. This considered essay following the Supreme Court’s controversial decision last week permitting corporations to finance political parties is one of the best I’ve read so far:

Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling was positive in one respect: it made law out of what was already happening. While corporations earned “personhood” back in the 1860’s when a court clerk (likely bribed) added this language into the margins of another court decision, they never quite had the rights of citizenship before. They already write our laws (through lobbies) elect our leaders (with money) and create public opinion (with money and PR). If you’re interested in how and why that happened, please read my book Life Inc. But they have always tended to do so by working around government’s efforts to limit their influence.

It was a losing game for a government by the people, of course, because almost no one gets into office without the kind of corporate assistance they need to pay back if they want to get into office again.

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Douglas Rushkoff’s New Graphic Novel is Entangled with Gaming

In a new interview, Douglas Rushkoff talks about his writing graphic novels based on the universe for the game Exoriare. (“They needed an author to come in and say who lives there…”) To avoid intellectual property disputes, he accepted a small share of the company – but now he worries about future plans for basing characters on actual players in the game!

“The way that some person played this game – is that now their property?”

But he also suggests the reason conspiracy theories seem to be increasing. “I think that people really do sense that machines are doing the majority of the thinking now… When systems break down, people start looking for alternate system”

“I mean, there’s nothing people love more than being controlled, so, if the things that were actually controlling them cease to function, they’re going to create imaginary mechanisms of control, just to maintain that good
feeling of being victimized.”

But he also has a positive prediction.… Read the rest

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Doug Rushkoff’s New Alternate Reality Game

Douglas Rushkoff, longtime friend and collaborator of disinformation, writes about his new videogame Exoriare at BoingBoing:

I’ve written and even taught a whole lot about interactive narrative over the years, but rarely have the chance to play with this stuff. So last year, when a Canadian games company called to see if I’d be interested in collaborating with them on developing stories for a giant, multi-dimensional gaming universe, I jumped. It was like I was being given the chance to live out Jack Kirby’s dream of world-building with Robert Anton Wilson’s vision of multiple and overlapping perspectives.

The early results are finally making it online as the preview of a graphic novel, which spills out into the trailhead of at least one Alternate Reality Game, and also comprises the back story of the coming videogame series. This is a big big universe – a giant war for the future of humanity, of course – with maybe one overall timeline but many different pathways through the material.

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Life, Inc. with Douglas Rushkoff – Disinformation: The Podcast

Disinformation: The Podcast – Life, Inc. with Douglas Rushkoff

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This episode features an interview with author and media wizard Douglas Rushkoff.  We discuss his new book, Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back, his work as a media correspondent with the groundbreaking PBS series Frontline, and his long time interest in counter-culture.

Disinformation Podcast T-shirts available here!

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