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Dreams, The Royal Road to Enlightenment


Photo: Jean-Bernard Restout "Morpheus" (PD)

From Reality Sandwich

An upcoming conference at the  Royal Geographical Society in Kensington Gore, London, titled “Gateways of the Mind” will feature a select coeterie of the world’s leading dream researchers. Setting it apart from other conferences on the subject is the speaker selection, which includes a number of psychologists and researchers who straddle the scientific, devotional and initiatic divide in an attempt to explore the Mysterium Magnum of our sleeping state.

“A third of our life is spent sleeping — this relates to approximately to 25 years of the average person’s life! For most people this is either a blank void or a time when the best we can hope for is some confusing and often incomprehensible dream memories. What if we could utilize that one third more effectively, so that it becomes as important a part of our lives as the other two thirds, which we spend physically and actively awake?… Read the rest

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