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The Workings of Alchemical Preparations

Jon G. Hughes

Jon G. Hughes

[disinfo ed.'s note: the following is excerpted from A Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants; Spagyric in Magical and Sexual Rituals by Jon G. Hughes]


The workings of alchemy are divided into two principal areas of activity: the Greater Circulation and the Lesser Circulation.

The Greater Circulation refers to the alchemical workings of the mineral kingdom. It involves the use of minerals and metals in the pursuit of the philosopher’s stone. This is what most people instantly imagine when one mentions the work of the alchemist—the quest to transmute base metals into gold using the lapis philosophorum, or philosopher’s stone. As we have seen, this is a vastly oversimplified definition of the alchemist’s work; the Greater Circulation involves itself with both the outer and inner elixirs.

Although I continue to find the subject of the Greater Circulation truly fascinating, there is no equivalent to be found in the Druidic tradition.… Read the rest

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Samhain and Halloween: About as Closely Related as a Toy Poodle and a Wolf

An_Arch_Druid_in_His_Judicial_HabitMany people confuse Samhain and Halloween. Michael Tortorello sets them straight in the New York Times:

How will you be celebrating Samhain this year? What’s that? You say you won’t be observing the high Druid holiday of the ancient Celts? With all due respect, you’re probably wrong and you probably will.

“Samhain is Halloween; Halloween is Samhain,” said Ellen Evert Hopman, 61, an author, herbalist and Druid priestess and scholar. Irish monks, by most accounts, co-opted the earthy ritual and recast it with strait-laced saints. But the bones of the holiday wouldn’t stay buried.

The first historical record of Samhain, an engraved bronze calendar found in Coligny, France, dates to the first century B.C. The Druids of the British Isles went to ground a few centuries later, after the Romans rode in on chariots and “trashed the place,” Ms. Hopman said. All the same, she said: “There have been people celebrating Samhain in Europe for thousands of years.

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Druid Stones Prevent Car Accidents In Austria

If they wanted, could druids use their powers to cause accidents? The U.K.’s Metro reports:

Austrian motorway authority ASFINAG said it was skeptical at first and kept the project a secret. But it went public after the druids’ efforts cut the number of deaths at the notorious crash site from six a year to zero in two years.

Arch druid Ilmar Tessmann was called in as a last resort after a high number of fatal accidents were reported on a straight stretch of motorway near Salzburg.

He said the crashes were caused by radiation from a nearby mobile phone mast disrupting the area’s normal ‘terrestrial’ radiation. As well as using quartz standing stones to restore the area’s ‘natural energy’, the druids…[buried] magnets in the ground.


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