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Drugs and Alcohol Are (All?) In The Mind

hypnosisWhat if all drug and alcohol states are actually in the mind?

A performance by a Hypnotist at Toronto’s Idea City suggests just that. It would make the trillions spend on alcohol and dangerous drugs seem ridiculous and unnecessary.

Hypnotist Albert Nerenberg, stage name Neuron, elaborates on an old hypnotist parlour trick of hypnotizing someone into being drunk. Instead Nerenberg demonstrates that volunteers could be made very drunk, high on cocaine, experience ecstasy and even to hallucinate while hypnotized. The event was shot for Canadian Television.

“While this does require deeper states of hypnosis,” said Nerenberg. “It seems like the sky’s the limit. I’ve put people on LSD, Ecstasy, DMT and even fictional drugs that don’t exist.”

The best thing is there appears to be no side affects.

“I’m not talking about subtle contact highs here. People describe these experiences as completely real and we see physical side effects. Accelerated heart rates, pupil dilation, full hallucinations,” said Nerenberg.… Read the rest

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Drunk, Shirtless Cop Points Gun at Convenience Store Clerk During Three AM Visit

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.46.30 AM“Hey! No shirts, no service… Oh.”

One of two drunk, shirtless, and armed sheriff’s deputies equipped with bullet-proof vests who came wandering into a convenience store at three in the morning decided to point his pistol twice at the clerk working the desk. The 23 year-old deputy was already on probation ten months into his job. He has since been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Inexplicably, he has since been released by the judge into “pre-trial services.” Be sure to ask for the same if you’re drunk and/or stupid enough to pull this kind of stunt.

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