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Cockroaches Contain Antibiotics To Treat MRSA & E-coli

New York City may be the breeding ground for the next antibiotic for superbugs. It’s good to see there may be a use for cockroaches besides creating an image of “dank and dingy hotels.” Daily Mail reports:

Cockroaches are usually seen as a health hazard, to be found in dank and dingy hotels.

But scientists believe that they could hold the secret to treating the most resilient of superbugs.

Tests have found tissue from the brains and nervous systems of the insects can kill off more than 90 per cent of MRSA and E-coli infections without harming human cells.

Simon Lee, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Nottingham, says they hold powerful antibiotic properties after discovering nine different molecules in their tissues which are toxic to bacteria.

He said: ‘We hope that these molecules could eventually be developed into treatments for E-coli and MRSA infections that are increasingly resistant to current drugs.

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