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Ear Worm: Flesh-Eating Larvae Discovered to Be Cause of Woman’s Ear Ache

462px-Screwworm_larvaMeanwhile, in the world of your nightmares…

Via LiveScience:

Though doctors at first dismissed the symptoms as nothing more than an ear infection, specialists soon made a startling discovery: Harris’ ear was filled with flesh-eating worms, according to the Daily Mail.

The worms that Harris, 27, was hosting were the larvae of the New World screwworm fly (Cochliomyia hominivorax). The fly is a notorious livestock pest that also seeks out pets, zoo animals and occasionally humans as hosts.

A pregnant female screwworm fly seeks an open wound on the skin of a warm-blooded animal to lay her eggs. Within 24 hours, the eggs hatch into tiny larvae that feed on living tissue and bodily fluids, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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Nightmare Fuel: Chinese Doctor Removes Spider from Woman’s Ear Canal

Via Huffington Post:

I can’t hear you, there’s a spider in my ear!

The horrifying pictures were taken at China’s Changsha Central Hospital, after the patient checked in, complaining of itching inside her left ear.

Doctors were left with the challenge of extracting the spider while trying to ensure it would not burrow deeper or even bite the woman.

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