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Was Earth Day the Idea of an Eccentric Murderer?

Ira Einhorn.png

1979 mugshot and a 2001 mugshot of Ira Einhorn taken upon his return to the U.S.

Former disinformation® editor Matt Staggs reminds us of what he calls “one of Earth Day’s biggest black eyes,” at Biographile:

On April 22, 1970, tens of thousands of people came together in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park to celebrate the first Earth Day: an event organized to raise awareness regarding pollution and other threats to our planet’s ecological health.

The master of ceremonies for the event was Ira Einhorn, a man known as “the Unicorn” after the English translation of his German surname, “one horn.” Many years later, he would become better known as “the Unicorn Killer.”

Einhorn was something of a Philadelphia celebrity, and rising star among the era’s activists, intellectuals, artists, and gurus. According to the writer Gary Lachman, author of The Dedalus Book of the 1960s: Turn Off Your Mind, the Unicorn counted among his friends the mystic Baba Ram Dass, author Philip K.

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It’s Earth Day – Did You Notice?

423px-Kellyposter1970It’s a special day around the world today, April 22. Can you say why that is? If you are a Christian maybe you’ll say that it’s Good Friday.

True, but for all seven billion of us around the world, it’s Earth Day, a day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.

Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970. It was focused on the U.S., but has since gone global with the support of the United Nations; it is now coordinated by the Earth Day Network.

Unfortunately, not too many people seem to care. Stephanie Pappas, a LiveScience Senior Writer, suggests that doesn’t matter in an article entitled “Why You Won’t Read This Earth Day Article (And Why That Doesn’t Matter).” Is she right?

Earth Day turns 41 this year, but in some ways, environmentalism seems to be stumbling.

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NYPD Confiscated Hundreds of Bicycles on Earth Day For Obama Visit

Is this just ironic or a necessary security measure? John Del Signore writes in Gothamist:

…”citing security concerns that bikes might be secret pipe bombs, NYPD officers clipped the locks of hundreds of bikes along Houston Street this morning in preparation for President Obama’s speech at Cooper Union. The bikes were unceremoniously put in the back of the truck. Onlookers were not given information as to what would become of the bikes. Happy Earth Day!”

Image Via Twitter by @rafcard

We’re trying to get information on this from the NYPD, and will let you know if they respond. Until then, we can only assume Obama hates cyclists and wants all bike lanes permanently painted over.

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Earth Day: Save The Planet By Not Having Children?

With Earth Day 2010 on this 22nd of April, I wonder how much the Green movement and the greater media at large will debate this opinion from Lisa Hymas on Grist:

In 1969, graduating college senior Stephanie Mills made national headlines with a commencement address exclaiming that, in the face of impending ecological devastation, she was choosing to forgo parenthood. “I am terribly saddened by the fact that the most humane thing for me to do is to have no children at all,” she told her classmates.

I come here before you today to make the same proclamation — with a twist. I am thoroughly delighted by the fact that the most humane thing for me to do is to have no children at all.

Making the green choice too often feels like a sacrifice or a hassle or an expense. In this case, it feels like a luxurious indulgence that just so happens to cost a lot less for me and weigh a lot less on the carbon-bloated atmosphere.

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