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The United States of Europe Continues its Decline…

Picture: SsolbergJ (PD)

The struggling European Supertstate has demanded an extra £1 billion from a cash strapped United Kingdom. The EU’s central command centre (located in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium) is due to issue its latest demands later in the month.

From Aol.co.uk:

Brussels is to bill Britain £1bn extra because it’s blown its 2012 budget. Brussels will pitch its demand for UK taxpayer cash – £976 million, to be exact – in late October, shortly before MEPs rubber-stamp a 7% hike in the EU’s annual budget.

The move puts more pressure on the UK government’s relationship with Brussels as EU spending strays, again, beyond previous estimates.

American readers who are not familliar with the ins and outs of the EU are directed towards this excellent guide from This American Life:

This American Life: Continental Breakup

If you’re like us, when the words “European debt crisis” pop up in the news you feel a little worried, and a little like taking a nap.

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