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The End of Democracy for Non-Dummies

F_ck-the-poor Following is an essay outlining some current problems with today’s form of globalized capitalism.

The message being conveyed is that there is something kind of off about the existence of hundreds of millions of people (the first world/outer party) who assume that they are democrtic citizens when the power to literally topple governments and start world wars is handed down dynastically into the hands of very few people. I’m aware that I am largely preaching to the converted, but if you’re interested, please read on.

The whole of human history may be considered as a broad narrative detailing the aggregation and evolution of small human communities into city-states, nation-states, super-national states and perhaps ultimately – a global state. It is perhaps the case that the current rate of social aggregation has exceeded the rate at which societies are willing to adjust economic and regulatory conditions within the emerging global community. The discrepancy between the economic condition of a global “free-market” and the severe lack of regulation and cooperation between world governments has allowed for the creation and proliferation of a new ruling class which may be referred to as the Global Aristocracy.… Read the rest

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An Anarchist Defense of Karl Marx

marx_peaceFrom Chris M. at Black Sun Gazette:

Karl Marx has received a bum rap. Some see him as the godfather of the modern revolutionary movement while others see him as the architect of Stalin’s gulags. I’m in the former camp rather than the latter. This is not to say his he is infallible, his texts are sacred, or his supporters haven’t committed any errors. In fact I think that last point is the cause of most of the controversy.

Few people have bothered to read his works and instead point to the horrors committed by his followers mainly Lenin and the Bolsheviks. After Karl died three main voices appeared in the socialist movement of the 20th century all claiming the mantle of Marx — Bernstein, Lenin, and Luxemburg.

Bernstein who lead the democratic socialists, said revolution was unnecessary and pursed reforms within a democracy (this is the model of a number of European parties).… Read the rest

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Your Corporate Masters Are In Control

Nick P. at Black Sun Gazette writes:

A new poll reveals what you already knew: the economy is fucking depressing. You can’t help but wonder how many people have committed suicide over losing a job or a house, or how many relationships have been strained to the breaking point by a lack of money.

It’s proof that we live in Bizarro world that we even take such things for granted. Much like the tenets of organized religion, if you simply lay out the reality in simple terms — you and I are subject to the whims and vagaries of a tiny group of social parasites who produce nothing while taking everything, and when their investments tank our lives go in the shitter — it’s patently ludicrous.

To those suckling at the teat of corporate control, however, it seems as natural as sunshine.

Full Article at Black Sun Gazette

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This Day in History: Al Gore Gives Up … So The Stock Market Could Keep Going Up

Interested in hearing your ideas about what we haven't heard yet about the 2000 election. I have my ideas, but looking forward to hearing what you have to say, nine years later:
Almost a century and a half ago, Senator Stephen Douglas told Abraham Lincoln, who had just defeated him for the presidency, "Partisan feeling must yield to patriotism. I'm with you, Mr. President, and God bless you." Well, in that same spirit, I say to President-Elect Bush that what remains of partisan rancor must now be put aside, and may God bless his stewardship of this country.
— Vice President Al Gore's concession speech on December 13, 2000, after the Supreme Court decision Bush v. Gore, effectively ending his hopes of becoming the 43rd president of the U.S.
Full text of Vice President Al Gore's concession speech here.
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Facebook: Where Souls Go To Die

On KidCryingThe First Church of Mutterhals:

I recently saw graffiti written on a train that said “80% of the internet is pornography.” While I don’t normally give much credence to random statistics scrawled on the sides of fast moving freight trains, I have to say this one struck me as fairly accurate. I would even go as far as characterizing the remaining 20% as being comprised of cat pictures, celebrity gossip and social networking sites appealing to the emotional retard in all of us.

Yeah, I said it. Retard.

Facebook is a place for puerile rumor mongering and passive-aggressive pronouncements made from the safety of your profile page. For all the talk about connecting to people around the world, social utilities really only serve to foster the increasing sense of isolation and narcissism already rampant among humanity.

Am I the only person who thinks every update is a provocation aimed directly at me?

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Let’s Kick Some Pricks

From Buelahman at Black Sun Gazette

I love to watch the lunatic fringe squirm as they realize that their little kingdom is falling apart. Its not that I get jollies knowing the demoRAT party will probably increase the next election round overall, even if the ObamaMeister will force the reTHUGlicans back into the Whitehouse. It is all crazy shit and I blame Americans for being too partisan, stupid, scared or gullible to clearly back away from those “parties” and the devastation the participation brings to our way of life.

Full Article at Black Sun Gazette

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Why Vote for the Lesser Evil?

cthulhu4PrezChris M. at Black Sun Gazette

I think in the year 2000 we actually entered through the looking glass. It’s almost absurd — left is right, up is down, fight terrorism by going shopping and Afghans are “Enduring Freedom” is an incredible Orwellian mind fuck. A sizable minority live in Fox News World and swallow up conservative dribble, because Bush “kept us safe for eight years” except for the day between 9-10 and 9-12 (snap).

Another sizable liberal minority live in Futurama and believe all would have been fine had Al Gore been elected (no terrorism, no war, no hurricanes, no government corruption) unlike the rest of American history. The fact that the two men were both from old political families that served the interests of the elite didn’t phase most people. One was the son and great grandson of presidents; the other a vice president and son of a powerful senator.… Read the rest

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Show Me the Money

By Robert Singer

We have been conditioned from birth to believe that everything wrong in our society is about Greed: The inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.

However, my research concludes the earth’s environmental damage and pollution was not the result of greed and the unintended consequences of our capitalistic consumer society, but was the goal.

Until the common man became “civilized” he had almost no environmental impact on the earth. Hunters, foragers and gatherers are unable to upset the ecological structures of the planet. [1]

The first civilized societies and their agrarian economies had an environmental impact but the damage was negligible because only 3% of the population, Kings and Lords were consumers.

The earth wasn’t in trouble until the House of Rothschild unleashed the middle class on the planet when they financed and fomented the American and French Revolutions.… Read the rest

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Two Important Articles: The Collapse of Communism / “Unions”

From Black Sun Gazette

I wanted to recommend two articles to my readership from my most favorite news source, the World Socialist Web Site. I consider this website to be nothing short of the New York Times or The Economist for working class socialists. The two articles I am about to refer people to here express quite succinctly why I consider their analysis to be head and shoulders above anything else on the phony left. In addition, I believe that these two articles really cut to the heart of two problems that plague the fake left. Namely, anti-communism and toadying for the “union” bureaucracy.

Full Article at Black Sun Gazette

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Marty Beckerman Hates Fat People … And Tells Them

Marty Beckerman’s really going to make some big enemies with his latest blog rant, Kill Fatty: A Modestly Sized Proposal. Here at disinformation we published his book (mostly) about politics, Dumbocracy: Adventures with the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots, but I’m not sure we would have had he included his latest assault on the weight-challenged. Here’s a sample, and don’t hold back on your comments, Marty likes to feature hate mail on his blog:

Overweight people are fucking abhorrent, which seems like an obvious and uncontroversial statement, but you cannot turn your head these days without gawking at the vile cascades of shapeless distended flesh that ubiquitously engulf your grotesque countrymen.

Look at these nauseating statistics:

1. 33 percent of Americans are overweight, according to the federal government.

2. Another 34 percent are obese, which is even worse.

3. Six percent are “extremely obese,” which is code for “must be airlifted by helicopter to leave their goddamned trailers.”


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