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Nokia Files Patent For Magnetic, Vibrating Tattoos

nokiaSomeday soon, you may pick your own magnetic resonance, in the form of a tattoo linking you to your personal possessions. BBC reports:

Vibrating magnetic tattoos may one day be used to alert mobile phone users to calls and text messages.

The idea…in a filing to the US Patent and Trademark Office…describes tattooing, stamping or spraying “ferromagnetic” material onto a user’s skin and then pairing it with a mobile device. It suggests different vibrations could be used to create a range of alerts.

The filing also suggests that the magnetised marking could be used as an identity check. By picking a certain shape the user could create a “specific magnetic impedance” – effectively their own magnetic fingerprint. This could act as a “password” and gives the example of a laptop refusing to display content on its screen unless it verifies its user is close by.

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Electronic Tattoo Has Medical, Gaming And Spy Uses

Photo: J. Rogers

Photo: J. Rogers

BBC News reports:

An “electronic tattoo” could herald a revolution in the way patients are monitored and provide a breakthrough in computer gaming, say US scientists.

They used the device, which is thinner than a human hair, to monitor the heart and brain, according to a study in the journal Science.

The sensor attaches to human skin just like a temporary tattoo and can move, wrinkle and stretch without breaking.

Researchers hope it could replace bulky equipment currently used in hospitals.

A mass of cables, wires, gel-coated sticky pads and monitors are currently needed to keep track of a patient’s vital signs.

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