Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren for president? Reuters reports:  A small bipartisan group of senators on Thursday introduced legislation that would break up Wall Street’s megabanks by separating traditional banking activity from riskier financial services….

Has anyone else noticed that one of the hallmarks of the Obama presidency is the proliferation of “Czars”? There seems to be a Czar for pretty much anything you can think of,…

Mark Memmott for NPR:

Please allow us to mix a seriously serious subject — consumer protection — with a bit of fun.

As NPR’s Scott Horsley will report on All Things Considered today, President Obama is getting a lot of advice these days about whom he should name to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Actually, most of the advice is about whether he should or shouldn’t choose Elizabeth Warren, chair of the congressional panel that oversees the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

…The fun part of the story, though, is the “Elizabeth Warren rap video,” also known as Got A New Sheriff