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The Illuminati Pop Music Conspiracy Featuring Eminem, Gaga, Jay-Z…

Photo: http://www.glenjamn.com

Photo: http://www.glenjamn.com

Disinformation readers have long been tracking the illuminati agents Jay-Z and Kanye West (currently on a world-dominating tour together), as well as mind control puppet Lady Gaga, but now Jonah Weiner reveals for Slate that the pop conspiracy goes way deeper…

I’m not sure if Eminem has yet managed to escape the grasp of the Illuminati — the secret society of string pullers whose ranks he joined years ago in exchange for wealth, fame, and power — but I know he’s been trying very hard. Numerous people online tell me so. There is, for starters, a Yahoo Answers page that poses the question “Is Eminem trying to break free from the Illuminati?” and offers spirited excavation and analysis of the hidden anti-Illuminati messages Eminem embedded in his song “Not Afraid.” There is a four-page message-board thread titled “Is Eminem an Illuminati slave?” A YouTube video called “Eminem vs.

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