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“Causal Entropy” Linked to Intelligence

Picture: Mattes (PD)

Picture: Mattes (PD)

Jason Palmer reports for the BBC:

The idea of entropy is fundamentally an intuitive one – that the Universe tends in general to a more disordered state.

The classic example is a dropped cup: it will smash into pieces, but those pieces will never spontaneously recombine back into a cup. Analogously, a hot cup of coffee will always cool down if left – it will never draw warmth from a room to heat back up.

But the idea of “causal entropy” goes further, suggesting that a given physical system not only maximises the entropy within its current conditions, but that it reaches a state that will allow it more entropy – in a real sense, more options – in the future.

Alex Wissner-Gross of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US and Cameron Freer from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, have now put together a mathematical model that ties this causal entropy idea – evident in a range of recent studies – into a single framework.

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The IMPACTS Concept: A New Way to View Human Society and Human Civilization

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics rules the universe. We like to think we are immune from it—that we live and exist in a “special” place—but we don’t. On second thought, we might live in a special place in the universe but we are not immune from the 2nd Law, no matter where we are. Everything that happens is doing so against that backdrop—or perhaps because of that backdrop. The 2nd Law says that concentrated energy will disperse (break down) if not hindered from doing so. Entropy is the state of the disorder that follows.

Within that 2nd Law reality, there appear to be 2 major forces with opposite ways of reacting to, or dealing with, the 2nd Law. The male force, represented by the proton, is pulling inward, trying to accumulate all that it can. A black hole at the middle of a galaxy might be the ultimate expression of male energy.… Read the rest

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