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Eric Cantona Foments A New French Revolution

Eric Cantona first achieved fame playing soccer for Manchester United and France. He was an extremely talented striker, but perhaps is best known for his flying kung fu-style kick at a heckling fan. That's all in the past though, and Cantona has a new career as a budding indie film star. Apparently he's also quite conscious of the fact that there's not much liberté, égalité or fraternité in France or the rest of the world these days, and he knows just how to bring about another revolution: everyone should go to their bank and withdraw all their cash. The system would crash and, voilà, la Révolution! Here he is in an October interview explaining how it works:
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Ooh-Ah, Doctor Who!

Eric Cantona. Photo: 	Georges Biard (CC)

Eric Cantona. Photo: Georges Biard (CC)

It’s not often that the worlds of sci fi and soccer overlap, but the Daily Star reports that former French footie star Eric Cantona (his mega-success at Manchester United led to the terrace chant “Ooh-Ah Cantona”) will be part of the cast on Britain’s classic TV show Doctor Who:

Football legend Eric Cantona is set to inject a bit of Ooh Ah into Doctor Who.

The former Manchester United star is being lined up for a role as an evil alien alongside Time Lord Matt Smith. And producers are hoping the Frenchman might show off some of his famous Kung Fu moves in his baddie part.

Cantona, 44, famously attacked a fan with a high kick during a match against Crystal Palace in 1995.

But since then, the footballer has become a serious actor and had a series of roles, including a part in a Brit flick Looking For Eric.

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