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Chuck Tingle Pounds Disinformation in the Ass

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Dr. Chuck Tingle is an erotic author and Tae Kwon Do grandmaster. After receiving his PhD at DeVry University in holistic massage, Chuck found himself fascinated by all things sensual, leading to his creation of the “tingler,” a story so blissfully erotic that it cannot be experienced without eliciting a sharp tingle down the spine.

Chuck and I recently met at the bar at Howard Johnsons in Billings Montana to talk literature.

3979026_origChuck, thanks for talking to me. A lot of your books are about being pounded in the ass by things like unicorns, dinosaurs, and bosses. You even have one book that is about being pounded in the ass by your own ass. What is it about ass poundings that inspires you so much?

Well this is the part of writing that makes me feel like a goofball, man you are not supposed to talk about that part.… Read the rest

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Neurotica: Erotica For the Slightly Anxious


This is hilarious.

Sonia Weiser via The Hairpin:

He pulled me close to him, his hips grinding up against my own. “I promise you,” he said. “I’m not into you because you remind me of my mother who was emotionally distant after my father died.” I kissed him, my heart pumping furiously now that he had answered one question that had been plaguing me all along.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “You’re not just saying that because you know it’s what I want to hear? If you are, just tell me. I’ll be fine with it. But honesty is really important to me.” He stopped my ramblings by covering my mouth with his hand. “I’m not just saying that,” he said, then dropped his hand to my waist. Before I could say anything, he added, his hot breath against my neck, “I washed my hands with soap and hot water just before this.

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Home of Author of Bible-Inspired Erotica Vandalized

2013-08-20-GenesisDefloweredCoverMEDIUMLooks like Harlem has its own Martin Luther

Via DNA Info NY

The Harlem author of a book of Bible-inspired erotica got a negative review last week — in the form of vandalism on the steps of his 123rd Street home.

Matthew Stillman, writer of the book “Genesis Deflowered,” found red graffiti reading “blasphmy,” misspelled, on the bottom step of his brownstone early Friday morning.

“I think someone is angry and lashed out,” said Stillman, a former television and film producer who reported the graffiti to the 28th Precinct which classified the incident as a case of criminal mischief.

Stillman, 40, said he has received hate mail about the book published in August since he appeared on Fox News earlier this month.

“You’re still my enemy, but lucky for us…the Bible says to love your enemies,” one piece of mail read.

Stillman defended “Genesis Deflowered,” which is written in the flowery English of the 17th century, and said he didn’t intend to degrade the Bible, which he said mentions at least 500 implied sexual situations in Genesis alone.

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ENR_15A very pretty friend of mine had been asked by an admirer if she would be willing to have a sex doll made ofher, a thought she is still considering.  When she told me this, I was astounded that such a thing could be done.  After talking to my friend, I was baited to explore what was really going on with these adult dolls.  Though there are many sex dolls now on the market, with manufacturers and suppliers around the world, the most discriminating buyers of sex dolls want hyper-realism.  It just so happens that the most realistic dolls in the world are made right here in Los Angeles by a man named Matt Krivicke, the founder of Sinthetics.  I reached out to them to setup a tour of their facilities.

In the meantime, I mused about how we look at dolls in general.  Little girls want idealized babies to nurture and care for with perfect features and a life-like feel. 

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Eleven Decades of Anaïs Nin

Anaïs Nin was an American born to Hispanic/Cuban parents in France on February 21, 1903. Although we associate the author with Paris, she spent most of her life living in the U.S. A writer of essays, short stories and novels, Nin's literary triumph was the publication of her diaries which chronicled more than six decades of experiences. Nin carried on a famous affair with author Henry Miller and it was during her time with him that the pair both started writing erotica to make ends meet. In the Paris of the 1930's, enterprising publishers cultivated collectors of forbidden writing and paid authors well and quickly for custom-crafted smut. Nin was a pioneer as one of the first women to ply the dirty book trade and she eventually let the works be collected and published widely under the titles Delta of Venus and Little Birds. She's considered to be among the best writers of the female sexual experience. Along with Miller, Nin became a counterculture hero during the unrest of the 1960's. While Miller championed freedom of libido in his writing and fought for free of speech in his battles against censorship, Nin was perceived as the kind of strong, talented, liberated woman that the just-budding feminist movement was still trying to articulate. While she became a popular lecturer at universities, Nin never became involved in radical politics. It seemed she was always a lover more than a fighter. Nin died of cancer in 1977. Here is the woman herself as she appeared in Kenneth Anger's The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome in 1954 Stay Awake! Joe Nolan
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