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Excerpt Mine Eyes: Contemplating the Roots of Spiritual Escapism

narcissusShyam Dodge, writing at YogaBrains:

In the Bhagavad Gita the blind king, Dhritarashtra, and his secretary Sanjaya form the bookends for the dialog between Krishna and Arjuna. In the manner of epic poetry the drama of the Gita’s two protagonists is a narrative within a narrative within a narrative (etc). The blind king is the father of the brother-warriors opposing Arjuna and is therefore the father of those who oppose Bhagwan Sri Krishna (otherwise known, within the text, as an incarnation of god on earth).

Dhritarashtra longs to know what is happening on the battlefield where he fears his sons will die. He asks his secretary, a seer, to tell him the fate of his sons and to describe the human theatre unfolding on the battlefield. The story of Arjuna’s crisis on the field of kurukshetra is therefore narrated by Sanjaya, who closes his eyes and through mystic insight becomes a nearly omniscient witness to the dialog between the warrior and the god-man.

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How To Disappear Completely

5721E7FD3912AE8DB6B0FB_LargeCSO interviews skip tracer Frank Ahearn about how to vanish from society, skipping off to a tropical island or a clean start in North Dakota, if you don’t want to be found. The key is to put out a flood of misinformation:

You can’t legally change an identity. Identities are kind of this myth. Where do you get one from? And how do you know where it’s from and that it hasn’t been given to fifty other people? Who knows if it’s on the Megan’s Law list or if it belongs to someone who owes the IRS $100,000?

But sometimes you can open a corporation, depending on what you do, and work on a 1099. So, what we do in a nutshell, is make you a virtual entity where you work for this corporation. You lease your apartment through this corporation, your electricity, your phone. Everything about you exists under the corporation.

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Ever Listen to the Full ‘Cheers’ Theme Song Lyrics?

CheersIf you grew up in the '80s watching American television, this show was a staple of NBC's "Must-See TV" line-up on Thursday nights. Little did I know how badly these folks needed to go to a neighbor bar "where everybody knows your name" after hearing these lyrics:

Roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee's dead; The morning's looking bright; And your shrink ran off to Europe, And didn't even write; And your husband wants to be a girl;

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