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Failed Evangelical Apocalypse Predictor Harold Camping Dead At 92

Apocalypse SaturdayEver get the feeling that when semi-senile celebrity televangelists declare that the end of the world is approaching, they are just projecting their own impending death onto the rest of us? Via Religion News Service:

Harold Camping, the radio preacher who convinced thousands of followers that Jesus would return on May 21, 2011, to usher in the end of the the world, has died, according to a statement released late Monday by his Family Radio network. He was 92. He had fallen at his home on Nov. 30.

Camping first predicted Jesus’ return in 1994, but his most recent forecasts gained national attention through advertisements and the Family Radio network of stations he founded. He warned that “judgment day” would occur in May 2011 and said the world would end in October 2011.

The ministry sold its prominent stations and laid off staffers, with assets dropping from $135 million in 2007 to $29.2 million in 2011.

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Mass Graves, Child Soldiers and Christian Evangelism in Uganda

Picture: TKnoxB (CC)

Religion Dispatches just published a short but sickening report on  Christian evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s recent mission to Uganda. Here’s some of Kolenda’s promises for the war and disease-stricken inhabitants of the northern Ugandan city of Gulu:

“Each time you go to the doctor with a pain he will give you a different pill. With God there is only one pill, God’s pill, the ‘Gospill’.”

So intoned the Christ for All Nations (CfAN) evangelist, Daniel Kolenda, as he fired up the crowd for another evening of ostensible miracles and religious frenzy. For good measure, he added that God would put all students in the town at the top of the class, heal all cancers, cure HIV and AIDS, help all unmarried persons find a partner, and render all barren wombs fertile. A loud cheer erupted as Kolenda prophesied a population explosion in Gulu nine months hence—despite the fact that Uganda presently has one of the highest birth rates in the world.

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A Pastor Visits Hell (Video)

Screaming skeletons, roiling rivers of lava, dozens of demons digging into the flesh of the unrepentant dead. If you want real horror, skip the Stephen King and tune into your local televangelist. Stay tuned for passive-aggressive Jesus at the end.
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Pat Robertson Addresses Occupy Wall Street

Wondering if it's possible to be both a Christian and a participant in the Occupy Wall Street protests? Christian media mogul and top televangelist Pat Robertson clears up this question sent in by a loyal viewer: no, because the protests are of Satan and an attempt to destroy the nation. What a surprise.
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Evangelical Trend: Talking In Tongues On Facebook

Is it a hoax, or the holy spirit operating though the internets? Recently the Lord has begun entering the fingers of believers, causing them to “type in tongues”. Via the Christian Post:

Televangelist and self-professed prophetess Juanita Bynum has sparked curiosity among internet users and the Christian community for several comments on the minister’s Facebook page where she appears to type “in tongues.”

Bynum’s prayer posts soon caught the attention of the media, with one reporter at a spirituality website speculating that the minister was communicating “in tongues.” On one prayer post, visitor Cindy McCraw commented, expressing her agreement. “I believe it’s tongues (holy spirit). It’s called praying in the Spirit,” McCraw wrote.


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