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Online Feminism as “Exclusive Mean Girls Club”

Wow. NewStatesman contributor Sadie Smith has a bone to pick with what she describes as the “online wimmin mob”. Legitimate grievance? Exaggeration? Baseless accusations? Provocation for the sake of provocation? What say you, Disinfonauts?

Excerpt via The NewStatesman:

“Check your privilege!” This has become the rallying cry of the Mob when faced with a woman with whom they disagree. “Privilege”, when out of the hands of Mob bullies, is actually not a bad concept. God knows, party conference fringes involving Harriet Harman chatting to her public school mates about the importance of getting more women into politics have been known to bring me out in a bad case of the hives on more than one occasion. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with thinking, “Woah, there! Is it possible that there are more things in heav’n and earth than were dreamt of in a South Kensington champagne bar over tapas with Jocasta?”

Where “privilege” goes wrong is that it is routinely used for, I’d argue, shutting up women who disagree with the Online Mob.

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