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Few presidential candidates have military experience


It has always been a sort of unspoken rule that military experience is a requirement for running the oval office. But in a day and age when presidential prospects are more about celebrity status than adherence to the Constitution, does it really matter? Apparently, Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and Jim Webb are the only major presidential contenders with any experience donning the uniform. And when one of the only presidential prospects is a neocon war-monger, that’s pretty bad. Seeing as the televised debates only seem to focus on whatever the trending story of the moment on twitter is (#twitterisapsyop) then that makes it really hard for voters to wrap their heads around the important questions–like, which candidates won’t throw us into unconstitutionally declared wars?

That trend is no more apparent than in the 10 Republican presidential candidates who will line up for the first GOP debate Thursday night. None of the participants has any military service, leaving some veterans’ groups and veterans alike to wonder: During a time when the U.S.

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Experiencing 9/11 from prison

Seodaemun Prison
Seth Ferranti writes at Hopes&Fears:

I was doing time at FCI Fort Dix, a low security prison in New Jersey that housed mobsters, drug dealers, drug mules, white collar guys, fraudsters, snitches, political prisoners and undocumented immigrants in 2001 when the Twin Towers crashed to the ground in New York; the events changed everything dramatically, not just out in the world, but even for those of us isolated and locked up deep inside the system.

I had a midnight orderly job in my unit and I remember being woken up by my cell mate who told me the news. I immediately went downstairs to the TV room and watched the images of the Twin Towers burning. People jumping out of the buildings. It was crazy because this was live TV. Staff and prisoners a like were in a frenzy. “I remember being in prison on September 11th,” says Michael Santos.

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A Saga of Shrooms and Nude Modeling


Psilocybin (Photo credit: Spencer Mann) (CC)

I must give it to this guy, I know from experience that tripping in public is a brave move. I can’t say I have experienced nude modeling though.

via Medium

The great thing about drugs is that they’re an instant cure for boredom. And I’ve been pretty bored lately. Rather than do something constructive, I decided to entertain myself by picking up a half ounce of shrooms and doing some nude modeling at an art studio. I figured it would be an interesting story to tell at the bar afterward with some friends. Maybe have a few drinks, a few laughs, and forget about the whole thing the next day.


 It’s this kind of impulsive naivete’ that resulted in one of the more horrific and sexually confusing episodes of my life.

 I’m not entirely sure how legal this whole thing is, so I wont get into specifics, but what I can tell you is that the studio I decided on was actually a large theatre in a decent area of town that doubled as both a visual arts center as well as a ritzy cinema.

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UFC Fighter Dan Hardy Gives Extremely Detailed Account Of His Psychedelic Ayahuasca Experience

Picture: Paralympiakos (PD)

Via BloodyElbow.com

A positive trend that I hope to see continue.  Kudos to Dan for making himself available for these experiences.

Dan Hardy is one of my favorite fighters. His style is exciting, no matter how you slice it. I’ll always root for him, no matter who he’s up against. If it’s King Kong, I’m rooting for Dan. On a more personal level, he’s also extraordinarily likable and gives a great interview. He’s interesting, intelligent, articulate, and may have some of the best stories I’ve ever heard. Some of his adventures are the stuff movies are made of. The man has trained with kung fu monks in China. Honestly, how many people do you know that can lay claim to something like that?

The last time I interviewed Dan, he was planning on going to the Amazon (forest, not website) on an ayahuasca retreat. For those of you that aren’t familiar with ayahuasca, check it out here.

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