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Boston, False Flags and the Strategy of Tension

Via orwellwasright:

The responses in the immediate aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing were predictable: the idea that this may have been a false flag event and the dismissal of such a notion with the derogatory expression “conspiracy theory”. Certainly, there are many who instantly jump to the conclusion that “the government did it” when tragic events such as this occur before waiting for all the evidence to emerge – in the current political climate of seemingly never-ending lies and deception, this knee-jerk reaction is perhaps understandable. Equally, those who dismiss these allegations are right to let the dust settle – new evidence emerges and narratives spin from the wheels of government and media, frequently changing and often contradicting one another.

It came as no surprise to anyone that firebrand radio host Alex Jones was the first to call “false flag”. But perhaps less expected was the manner in which the term itself became something of a meme – Google trends showed a major spike in searches and it even made the mainstream media (although expecting Yahoo News to deal with the subject with even a modicum of accuracy would be optimistic, to say the least).

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Pakistanis are Crazy … Like a Fox

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What do people in Pakistan know that the rest of the world doesn’t? Every Pakistani man, woman and child is a paranoid nutcase, according to the picture painted by a recent New York Times article:

According to many Pakistanis, the C.I.A. used a mysterious technology to cause the devastating floods that affected 20 million people in 2010. Washington had the teenage champion for girls’ education, Malala Yousafzai, shot as part of a campaign to demonize the Pakistani Taliban and win public support for American drone strikes against them. The terrorists who strike Pakistani targets are non-Muslim “foreign agents.” Osama bin Laden was an American operative.

However, in an article-ending twist, the Times matter-of-factly notes that conspiracy theories in Pakistan “persist because many turn out to be true.”

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Neocon Patrick Clawson On How To Provoke A War With Iran

No, this isn't the Onion. Patrick Clawson, formerly of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, is a director at the Washington Institute, an influential neoconservative think tank. He recently voiced his movement's frustration with the lack of U.S. military action against Iran and explains that a false flag incident, or what he terms "crisis initiation", may be needed to instigate the desired new war in the Middle East:
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