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Meet Anastasia Sokolova; Ukraine Sensation

Today we are hear rather frequently how we are exporting our “way of life” to the Mid East at the point of a gun. Less often do we hear how other country’s are eagerly importing our “way of life”. When you mention this to me China comes first to my mind, but so do the downsides of that eagerness, both for the people of the US and China.

A couple of months ago I bumped into this video by accident… Ok, I will make a clean confession. I was on YouTube and saw this video, the still of which is a shot of this young lady in the outfit she performs in, and I couldn’t resist. I have debated on whether or not to post this for the last couple months. Finally it occurred to me that the very reason I am hesitant is one of the very reasons that I should post it.… Read the rest

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The Price of Fame? An Early Death

Warhol graveSo is it better to die old in obscurity or young in the limelight? From Reuters:
The price of fame can be high with an international study on Thursday finding that people who enjoy successful entertainment or sporting careers tend to die younger. Researchers Richard Epstein and Catherine Epstein said the study, based on analysing 1,000 New York Times obituaries from 2009-2011, found film, music, stage performers and sports people died at an average age of 77.2 years. This compared to an average lifespan of 78.5 years for creative workers, 81.7 for professionals and academics, and 83 years for people in business, military and political careers. The Australian-based researchers said these earlier deaths could indicate that performers and sports stars took more risks in life, either to reach their goals or due to their success...
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