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Farrakhan’s Chicago Mosque Was Funded By Gaddafi

FarrakhanA couple of weeks ago Minister Louis Farrakhan upset a lot of people in a radio interview in which he publicly told President Obama: “You can’t order him [Gadaffi] to step down and get out; who the hell do you think you are?” Many of us probably didn’t realize at the time that the controversial minister’s Chicago mosque was funded by Mr. Gaddafi; Manya Brachear reports for Chicago Breaking News:

Warning that destruction could be on America’s doorstep because it oppresses “God’s chosen people,” Minister Louis Farrakhan, the controversial Nation of Islam leader, defended Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi today, calling the U.S. action in Libya hypocrisy.

Speaking from the pulpit of Chicago’s Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam’s international headquarters, purchased 40 years ago with a $3 million loan from Gadhafi, Farrakhan blamed demons for altering President Barack Obama’s moral conscience and driving the assault on Gadhafi, who he calls a brother.

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Minister Farrakhan: Should We As Black People Be Publicly Criticizing Barack Obama?

From Davey D's Hip Hop Corner:
Last week Tavis Smiley held a summit/ round table called ‘We Count’. He had a number of people speaking including Minister Farrakhan. I think this is a series of videos well worth watching. Minister Farrakhan lays down a lot of things for us to keep in mind as we engage President Obama. He speaks to the issue of weather or not we as Black people should be criticizing him in public - and if so how. This is in 3 parts.
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