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Machines Designed to Change Humans

I remember how my mom used to yell at my dad because he was always trying to explain how we’re being farmed.

The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab creates insight into how computing products — from websites to mobile phone software — can be designed to change what people believe and what they do.

Yes, this can be a scary topic: machines designed to influence human beliefs and behaviors. But there’s good news. We believe that much like human persuaders, persuasive technologies can bring about positive changes in many domains, including health, business, safety, and education. We also believe that new advances in technology can help promote world peace in 30 years. With such positive ends in mind, we are creating a body of expertise in the design, theory, and analysis of persuasive technologies, an area called “captology.”

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Militarism, War, and Dictatorship

Nick P at Black Sun Gazette

There is a clear trajectory of the American ruling class away from normal, democratic rule. Increasingly, over the last fifteen years, there has been a tendency to move towards naked authoritarianism. I have spoken on Black Sun Gazette repeatedly on the subject of nascent American fascism. While I don’t wish to downplay the significance of obviously fascist figures such as Glenn Beck receiving a hearing in the mainstream media, perhaps this is not the form that dictatorship in the United States will take when democratic norms finally collapse. Indeed, America’s history is arguably closer to and more intimately intertwined with that of Latin America. Perhaps the model for the catastrophic end of American democracy is not the lumpen thugs of Europe, but the Latin American military strong man, and his throngs of tanks “disappearing” all potential opposition. Dictatorial rhetoric, increased saber-rattling abroad, and a clear short-term historical trajectory away from electoral normality add up to a chilling picture for the near future.… Read the rest

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Tragedy, Terrorism, and Glamor: A Review of The Baader Meinhof Complex

From Black Sun Gazette

Last night I had the opportunity to take in The Baader Meinhof Complex with some friends at Portland, OR’s gorgeous Hollywood Theater. The film is about the Red Army Faction, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group. The group carried out a series of terrorist attacks on the West German government and the U.S. military in Germany in the 1970s and 80s. The film focuses on the first generation of the group, while touching upon the “Commando” groups that followed. It gives a balanced account of the limitations of political terrorism, while never letting imperialism and war off the hook.

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Today’s Signs of Nascent Fascism

Nick P writes at Black Sun Gazette:

Following up on yesterday’s commentary on fascism, I present the following roundup of news sources pertaining to the issue. I would also like to direct my readers to Klintron’s blog Mutate!, which also has a follow-up. If you ever needed clear signs that elements of the ruling elite are moving America toward fascism- real fascism as a mass political movement aimed at the working class, foreigners, Blacks, and anyone else who gets in their way makes a convenient scapegoat- here they are.

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American Fascism: What It Is, How To Fight It

Nick P writes at Black Sun Gazette:

My friend Klint blogged an interesting post on the subject of fascism here. I have briefly spoken on the matter here, but wish to provide a fuller, more elaborate picture.

Fascism is more than a nationalist, authoritarian, right-wing political movement. It has certain characteristics which are specific to it, and do not exist in every right-wing political movement. Fascism, so far as I am concerned, is not a cohesive political ideology. Rather, it is a grab bag of “everything and the kitchen sink, too” that serves the needs of the ruling class in utterly destroying independent political and social movement by the working class. Much of my analysis of what fascism is and how it works is lifted directly from Leon Trotsky’s Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It. I hope to, in my small way, concretize Trotsky’s work for America in 2009.… Read the rest

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Fascism by the Numbers

Klint Finley, Mutate:

As a follow-up to my recent post Is It Too Late to Stop Fascism in the US?, I worked from the definition of fascism proposed by Robert Paxton.

There are several other definitions of fascism, many of which are listed on the Wikipedia entry Definitions of Fascism. I’ve decided to go through the definitions that include specific lists of criteria and see which of them the United States fits.

I’ve made the case before that when Ronald Reagan signed the Military Cooperation with Law Enforcement Officials Act, he was quietly declaring martial law and creating a police state (and that the US has never really lived up to its liberal democratic ideals). I’m sure those with more knowledge of the right-wing populist movement of the 70s that culminated in Reagan’s election and with the Reagan administration itself could make the case that fascism, under many standard definitions, actually started then.

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Is It Too Late to Stop Fascism in the U.S.?

Minutemen rallyKlint Finley writes on Mutate!:

Sara Robinson outlines the definition of fascism and the stages all fascist nations have gone through in arriving at fascism and concludes that the US is on the brink of fascism. Robinson gives some suggestions on how to fight back and prevent fascism in the future, but I think it may be too late:

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