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Clothing In The Year 2000

A video in which fashion designers circa the 1930s were asked to design clothing as they predicted it would look in the year 2000. More fun than accurate (“transparent nets to catch males”, “an electric belt will adapt the belt to climatic changes”, “a dress of aluminum”), although their vision of the tie-less, goateed 21st century male — with his portable phone/radio and pockets for “keys, coins, and candy for cuties” — is fairly prescient.

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‘Concrete’ Dress Helps Purify The Air

6a00d8341bf67c53ef0147e191c8c2970b-800wiLooking for that perfect dress that will turn heads? Well, this one is made with pollutant-absorbing concrete, so you can clean the air too! Discovery News reports:

A collaboration between London College of Fashion, University of Sheffield, and the University of Ulster, “Herself” is a prototypical dress sprayed with a concrete mixture that purportedly absorbs pollutants in nearby air. The details of the process remain a little hazy, although pollutant-absorbing concrete does actually exist — in fact the same Italian company that made this “transparent” cement (as some readers pointed out, this should have been concrete, which is actually the mixture of cement plus gravel and sand) has already built some air-friendly structures in Europe with it. Using sunlight as a catalyst, titanium dioxide on the surface of the material reacts with pollutants in the air, reportedly decreasing nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide in the surrounding area by up to 65 percent.

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Blue Jean Missing Link Discovered!

The first kick I took was when I hit the ground.

The first kick I took was when I hit the ground.

This just in…

So it seems that it sometimes takes a number of arty types to explain something as fundamentally proletariat as  humble, timeless blue jeans.

I’d love to go off on this subject, but I couldn’t do a better job than The Vancouver Sun:

Workaday staple and fashion favourite, blue jeans have conquered the planet. But were they born in the textile mills of New Hampshire, on France’s southern coast or the looms of north Italy?

Art historians believe they have found a piece of the centuries-old puzzle in the work of a newly discovered 17th-century north Italian artist, dubbed the “Master of the Blue Jeans”, whose paintings went on show in Paris this week.

"Nothing comes between me and my...oh well...you know..."

Nothing comes between me and my…oh well…you know…

Running through his works like a leitmotif is an indigo blue fabric threaded with white, with rips revealing its structure, in the skirts of a peasant woman or the jacket of a beggar boy.

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Grab A Can Of Spray-On Clothing

fabricanltd-comDon’t have time to deal with negotiating tricky sleeves? Just pick up a Fabrican aerosol and spray a t-shirt onto your torso. In all seriousness, the spray-able fabric has all sorts of applications (spray-on bandages, for instance), but I like the idea that in the future, this is how we will get dressed.

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Even Your Pants Are Lying To You?

I don’t believe Disinformation’s first book, the Russ Kick anthology You Are Being Lied To, (now updated as You Are STILL Being Lied To), covered fashion, but this story made me think of it. Wow, as Americans, it seems that we don’t want to accept even the truth about ourselves right beneath our noses. Abram Sauer writes on Esquire:

I’ve never been slim — I played offensive line in high school — but I’m no cow either. (I’m happily a “Russell Crowe” body type.) So I immediately went across the street, bought a tailor’s measuring tape, and trudged from shop to shop, trying on various brands’ casual dress pants. It took just two hours to tear my self-esteem to smithereens and raise some serious questions about what I later learned is called “vanity sizing.”

Your pants have been deceiving you for years. And the lies are compounding:

Waistline Measurement Chart

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Nike Files Patent For Back-To-The-Future Auto-Lacing Sneakers

Nike has a filed a patent for shoes that lace themselves with the press of a button, à la the pair famously worn by Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in Back to the Future (the movie that predicted everything). Here’s hoping that they make these soon, and didn’t file the patent just to prevent anyone else from manufacturing auto-lacing sneakers. Via Engadget:

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Vogue’s Oil Spill Fashion Spread

vogue-italia-water-oil-spill-3The centerpiece of this month’s Vogue Italia is a 24-page fashion spread dedicated to the Gulf oil spill — that is, featuring models mimicking dying, oil-covered, beached animals. Nice as it is to see the fashion world engaging in real issues, spending thousands of dollars on a spread to sell luxury items to the rich may not be the most sensitive way of doing so. Via Refinery29:

There’s no denying that these images from the oil spill editorial in Vogue Italia’s August 2010 issue are beautiful. The 24 pages of Kristen McMenamy, shot by Steven Meisel, are realistic interpretations of images of injured, oiled animals that have inundated the news media since the Deepwater Horizon explosion in April. As beautiful and provocative as they are, we can’t help but feel uneasy. Creating beauty and glamour out of tragedy seems quite fucked up to us, not to mention wasteful and hypocritical, seeing as thousands of dollars of luxury clothing was flown in, and then subsequently ruined for the shoot.

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Douglas Coupland’s Generation X Clothing Line

GenXDouglas Coupland has written dozens of books, but will probably always be best known for his classic novel Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. He’s come so far back into the mainstream now that he’s designed a clothing line for Roots, the Canadian company that designed those awful berets for the USA Winter Olympic team a few years back. They don’t have a site yet but this page has a promo video, and this is the press release:

TORONTO, June 14 – Clothing retailer Roots is launching a collaboration with prominent writer & visual artist Douglas Coupland on a limited-edition clothing and accessory collection debuting July 8th and available for sale in the United States at www.roots.com/douglascoupland.

The ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND collection includes apparel for women/men/children, accessories, leather goods, design items, furniture and art. This is the first time Douglas Coupland has designed fashion wearables. He is best known as the internationally best-selling author of “Generation X”, “JPod” and “Generation A”.

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Michael Jordan’s Hitler ‘Stache Raising A Fuhrer (Video)

Jordan 'StacheDavid Griner writes on AdFreak:

That new Michael Jordan campaign for Hanes, really does have people buzzing, though it’s not Jordan’s “lie-flat collar” that they’re fixated on. Viewers instead seem to be stupefied by his attempt to bring back the “Hitler mustache,” which has pretty soundly been out of fashion since, you know, Hitler.

Technically called a “toothbrush mustache,” this facial styling was actually quite popular in the 1920s, and still makes the occasional appearance on the faces of foul-tempered tyrants like Robert Mugabe and J. Jonah Jameson. Maybe Jordan feels he simply transcends the clear cultural need to avoid looking like history’s most vile psychopath. Maybe he’s on a quest to reclaim a symbolic styling of the industrial working class, and a mediocre underwear ad seemed like the right forum.

Or maybe the copywriters simply loved the irony of mocking some poor guy’s “bacon neck” while the star of the ad blatantly sports a damn Hitler ‘stache.

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