Fast Food

The final “nail-in-the-coffin” proof, perhaps, that junk food turns people into crazed psychopaths, courtesy of Anderson Cooper. The best part of the video is towards the end when a woman smashes her fist through the partition to get at the cashier:

Pink Slime“Pink slime” is is a food additive consisting of animal by-products treated with ammonia gas to kill bacteria.

The treatment makes the by-products legally fit for human consumption.

The material is not approved for sale by itself (WHAT?!?), but is used to add to ground beef and other products.

Via the Daily Show:

TacocopterReports Stephanie Grimes on KSL TV:

The ability to have tacos delivered at their feet is an idea many people wouldn’t hesitate to get behind — especially when the tacos are being delivered by a robot.

The Tacocopter — an unmanned drone helicopter that gives customers tacos on demand — would without a doubt be wildly popular were it to exist throughout the nation. Taco-hungry Americans could order and pay for tacos on their smartphones, which would supply GPS coordinates to the drone. Once ordered, the tacos would be delivered as long as the customer remained in the ordering location.

It exists in the Bay Area — in concept, at least. For now, the Tacocopter, which has existed since July 2011, has been grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration, as would be any unmanned commercial drone. According to FAA regulations, “unmanned aerial vehicles” cannot currently be used for commercial purposes.

Mark Bittman asks and answers the question “Is junk food really cheaper?” in the New York Times: The “fact” that junk food is cheaper than real food has become a reflexive part…

Interesting article on The Week. It says that it’s really not the lack of access to healthy food (what the USDA terms a “food desert”) but living close to fast-food joints and…

A group calling themselves the Food Liberation Army has kidnapped Ronald McDonald and has a list of demands from McDonald’s. If the fast food megacorp fails to meet the demands god only knows what the ruthless Finns will do to him…

We are the Food Liberation Army, and we hope that this extreme action will take us towards a better and safer food future.

Two days ago we kidnapped Ronald McDonald from a McDonald’s Restaurant. If you do not answer all the questions we will execute Ronald on Friday February 11, 2011 at 6:30PM EET.

We love burgers, fries and McDonald’s, but we can no longer watch silent when the food we love is being destroyed and brought to shame because of greed and indifference. Because of your short-sightedness your burgers have become nearly inedible…

In addition to threatening to countersue the lawyers of the class action lawsuit against them, Taco Bell has embarked on a media counter-offensive.  George Stephanopoulos reports for ABC:

‘Thank You For Suing Us’

That’s the headline on full-page ads Taco Bell is taking out in newspapers across the country today, and this morning Taco Bell’s president gave us an exclusive interview on “GMA” to press his case.

“I think when someone sullies your reputation you have to be swift and you have to be decisive. And we think our reputation has been sullied and we wanted to put out a headline that certainly drew attention and enables us to tell the story about our beef which is…88% USDA inspected…

The future of fast food that’s alive? Nanjing, China has unrolled vending machines that sell living, crawling Shanghai Hairy Crabs for prices between $1.50 and $7.50, depending on the crustacean’s weight. The units have been placed in subway stations, meaning that there’s a distinct possibility of live crabs getting loose on the train — another stress added to the morning commute.

Gimme PizzaVia Urlesque:

[Here’s] a slow motion version of the Olsen Twins “Gimme Pizza?” Yes, folks, 2010 seems to be the year the internet discovered that slowing things down makes them over 9000 times better.

The slow version of Gimme Pizza is so creepy that you won’t be able to look away. The Olsens’ repetitive dance — seriously, they’re doing the same thing in every shot — is weird enough, but it’s their friends who really steal the show. I’ll be having nightmares about the “whipped cream pouring like waterfalls” kid for a week.

Photographer Sally Davies has stirred up a lot of interest in the weird science that goes into making McDonald’s “food” resistant to decay. She has an amazing series of photos at her…