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Taco Bell Reponds: 88% Defensiveness and 12% Self Pity

In addition to threatening to countersue the lawyers of the class action lawsuit against them, Taco Bell has embarked on a media counter-offensive.  George Stephanopoulos reports for ABC:
'Thank You For Suing Us' That's the headline on full-page ads Taco Bell is taking out in newspapers across the country today, and this morning Taco Bell's president gave us an exclusive interview on “GMA” to press his case. “I think when someone sullies your reputation you have to be swift and you have to be decisive. And we think our reputation has been sullied and we wanted to put out a headline that certainly drew attention and enables us to tell the story about our beef which is...88% USDA inspected...
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Taco Bell ‘Meat’ Contains Only 35% Beef

Taco Bell in Wausau, Wisconsin

Fox News reports:

You’ll have to pardon the puns, but…

Taco Bell might want to change it’s “Think Outside the Bun” campaign to “What’s Really in That Taco?” after a class-action lawsuit filed against the fast-food giant claimed its taco filler doesn’t, um, “meat” federal standards.

The suit against the YUM-brands chain also has a “beef” with the company’s advertising, charging its claims of using “seasoned ground beef” or “seasoned beef” in its food products is false.

According to the suit filed by the Alabama law firm Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, the YUM-brands owned chain is using a meat mixture that contains binders and extenders, and does not meet the minimum requirements set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be labeled as “beef.”

Attorney Dee Miles said the meat mixture contained just 35 percent beef, with the remaining 65 percent containing water, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent and modified corn starch…

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New Years Resolution, Diets And Obesity


New Years is a celebration of starting over, the time when many people make resolutions to improve the following year. The most popular resolution in America is to lose weight and be more healthy. According to disinformation‘s book 50 Facts That Should Change the USA, written by Stephen Fender, it is also the least kept resolution. With Fact #40: 65% of American adults are overweight, 30% are obese, and these proportions are growing, Americans should reconsider how they keep their resolutions throughout the whole year:

65% of American Adults Are Overweight, 30% Are Obese, And These Proportions Are Growing

“I myself am very well in body, mind spirits, quite stout,” an immigrant wrote from Pittsburgh to his brother back in Manchester, England in 1837. “I weigh 182 lbs so you may think how I am, a man of my size. Am very corpulent.” Those were the days—when fat was a sign of success and prosperity.

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Chemicals in Fast Food Wrappers Show Up in Human Blood

Microwave popcorn bad. Photo: Howcheng (CC)

Microwave popcorn bag. Photo: Howcheng (CC)

From Environment News Service:

Chemicals used to keep grease from leaking through fast food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags are migrating into food, being ingested by people and showing up as contaminants in blood, according to new research at the University of Toronto.

The contaminants are perfluoroalkyls, stable, synthetic chemicals that repel oil, grease, and water. They are used in surface protection products such as carpet and clothing treatments and coating for paper and cardboard packaging.

Earlier research by University of Toronto environmental chemists Scott Mabury and Jessica D’eon, established in 2007 that the wrappers are a source of these chemicals in human blood. Their new study shows that perfluorinated chemicals can migrate from wrappers into food.

The specific chemicals studied are polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters, or PAPs, breakdown products of the perfluorinated carboxylic acids, or PFCAs, which are used in coating the food wrappers.

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Crab Vending Machines: For A Living Snack On The Go

The future of fast food that's alive? Nanjing, China has unrolled vending machines that sell living, crawling Shanghai Hairy Crabs for prices between $1.50 and $7.50, depending on the crustacean's weight. The units have been placed in subway stations, meaning that there's a distinct possibility of live crabs getting loose on the train -- another stress added to the morning commute.
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Gimme Pizza! This Slow Motion Olsen Twins Video Is Creepy…

Gimme PizzaVia Urlesque:
[Here's] a slow motion version of the Olsen Twins "Gimme Pizza?" Yes, folks, 2010 seems to be the year the internet discovered that slowing things down makes them over 9000 times better. The slow version of Gimme Pizza is so creepy that you won't be able to look away. The Olsens' repetitive dance — seriously, they're doing the same thing in every shot — is weird enough, but it's their friends who really steal the show. I'll be having nightmares about the "whipped cream pouring like waterfalls" kid for a week.
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McDonald’s Food Is Immortal!

Photographer Sally Davies has stirred up a lot of interest in the weird science that goes into making McDonald’s “food” resistant to decay. She has an amazing series of photos at her flickr site where you can see daily progress, or lack thereof, of an ageing McDonald’s Happy Meal (example below).

Photo: (c) Sally Davies (www.sallydaviesphoto.com)

Photo: (c) Sally Davies (www.sallydaviesphoto.com)

According to New York Magazine’s Grub Street blog, Davies plans to keep the experiment going “until something happens, but she’d better be ready for a long haul: A twelve-year-old McD’s burger surfaced a few years ago looking shockingly well-preserved”!

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McDonald’s Death Video

I'm no fan of McDonald's, and as Morgan Spurlock proved, eating too much of the processed junk they pass off as food is calamitous for your health ... but this ad from the nonprofit vegan group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine takes criticism of Mickey D's to a whole new level!
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A Happy Meal 137 Days Later

Artist Sally Davies runs the classic, terrifying “McDonald’s burger time-lapse” experiment. The goal of course is to see how long it takes food from McDonald’s to alter in appearance even the slightest bit. At 137 days and counting, this meal looks identical to how it did at the time of purchase. Via Refinery 29:


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Better Living Through Fast Food & Statins

hamburgerOnly some egghead scientists could think this was a good idea! As reported by AFP:

Fast food restaurants could hand out free cholesterol-busting statin drugs with their burgers and fries so customers can offset the heart disease risks caused by the food, researchers said.

Statins lower the amount of unhealthy “LDL” cholesterol in the blood, and a raft of data has shown they are highly effective in fighting the risk of a heart attack.

Scientists at Imperial College London said this week that taking a statin pill could offset the increased risk to the heart caused by the fat in a medium-sized cheeseburger and a small milkshake.

Dr Darrel Francis, from the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London, said: “Statins don’t cut out all of the unhealthy effects of burgers and fries. It’s better to avoid fatty food altogether.”

“But we’ve worked out that in terms of your likelihood of having a heart attack, taking a statin can reduce your risk to more or less the same degree as a fast food meal increases it.”

The researchers argued the proposal was no different to asking people to wear seatbelts because of the increased risks to health when driving a car…

[continues at AFP]:

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