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The Story Behind ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island,’ the Anti-Fed Conspiracy Theory Bible

The Creature from Jekyll Island WND.jpgIf you’ve been wondering what all the fuss over the Federal Reserve Bank (a/k/a The Fed) is about, Daily Beast supplies the details:

It’s the kind of conspiracy theory so all-encompassing that it explains the very roots of all modern American wars, depression, economic boom, and (most importantly!) the darkest, best-kept secrets of international banking.

Typically, the Federal Reserve is a government entity that frustrated high schoolers in America are forced to learn about before entering adulthood and forgetting exactly what it is or why it exists. The Fed is our central banking system that was created at the tail end of 1913 as a response to a string of financial crises. It is responsible for implementing the United States’s monetary policy, and is routinely and aptly described as “boring.”

It’s all fairly mundane and unsexy (though hugely consequential) stuff. The Fed doesn’t bomb anything, invade anything, or even tax anything.

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The Goldman Sachs–Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theory

Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari

Antony Currie suggests that a cabal of ex-Goldman Sachs bankers may be exerting undue influence over the United States’ de facto central bank, the Federal Reserve. Here’s his op-ed at Reuters:

The Federal Reserve has just given Goldman Sachs conspiracy kooks a field day. Neel Kashkari, whose claim to fame is running the U.S. bank and autos bailout fund during the financial crisis, will be in charge of the central bank’s Minneapolis office starting next year. That leaves the investment bank’s alumni in charge of three of the 12 regional branches.

Robert Kaplan, who led Goldman’s investment banking business before leaving in 2006, took over the Dallas Fed in September. His former colleague William Dudley, once Goldman’s chief economist, has been in charge of the New York Fed for almost seven years. That’s the most powerful of the dozen regional offices as it gives him a permanent seat on the Federal Open Market Committee that decides interest rates.

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You’re Not Supposed to Understand the Federal Reserve

Aliens and the Federal Reserve in the same article? Yup, in the New York Times Magazine:

Imagine if aliens in a spacecraft were studying the United States from above. Their conclusion, I expect, would be that the single most important decision these inscrutable humans make each year is whether to plant corn, soybeans or wheat. No decision, year after year, transforms more square miles of American land than the choice farmers make about which crops to grow. In some years, those aliens would see huge swaths of tight green rows of soybean; in others, more tall corn with yellow tufts; in others, an unusual abundance of wheat in, well, amber waves. Earlier this month, Rick Stern, who farms 1,500 acres in central New Jersey with his father, told me that he had just spent weeks making this very decision. He carefully studied the global market reports to learn about recent yields in Argentina and Brazil, America’s leading rivals for soybean exports.

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The Rothschilds sank the Titanic to set up the Federal Reserve

There’s a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that the Rothschilds sank the Titanic to set up the Federal Reserve, reports Business Insider Australia:

There’s a conspiracy theory that links the Rothschilds, the sinking of the Titanic, and the creation of the Federal Reserve.

On Friday I stumbled across a tweet sent in reply to a prominent finance parody account on Twitter. It featured the black-and-white image of three men and the Titanic.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter


The text on the photos named Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss (actual name Isador Straus), and David Astor as three wealthy men who died on the Titanic. So far, so correct. The men were all real and all wealthy.

Below each name it says “opposed new Federal Reserve Bank.” The Titanic’s sinking happened in 1912, and the opening of the Federal Reserve happened in 1913. Was the hint that their opposition to the Fed and their deaths were somehow linked?

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A Titanic Federal Reserve Conspiracy!

The RMS Titanic, the baddest bad bitch of sea-faring passenger liners in the early 20th century, sank on April 15, 1912.

The Federal Reserve, the baddest bad bitch of banking conspiracy lore, was created December 23, 1913.

This much we can all agree on (see: Wikipedia).

But (of course) there’s a Conspiracy Theory!™ about that.

Dig in, True Believers.

why, that's a TITANIC conspiracy theory!

There’s the Jesuits Did It theory:

 In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll island just off the coast of Georgia to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderclip represented the Rockefeller (Illuminati) financial empire. Henry Davidson, Charles Norton and Benjamin Strong represented J.P. Morgan (Illuminati). Paul Warburg (Illuminati) represented the Rothschilds (Illuminati) Banking dynasty of Europe. The Rothschilds were the banking agents for the Jesuits and hold `the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.’

Necessary to their plans, the Federal Reserve did have some opposition; those who saw what the future would become if banking was outside of the government’s hands, the rates set by a private company such as the Fed.

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Fed Up With The Fed

From the good people at Brave New Films: Under pressure from big corporations and Wall Street, the Federal Reserve is moving in ways that will stop wage growth and raise interest rates.  This is a terrible idea that will hurt millions of low wage workers and unemployed Americans.

The Fed makes monetary policies that directly affect us all. They influence the economy, inflation and employment levels. But when over 80 percent of the Federal Reserve members are bankers and heads of corporations, it is no wonder they only represent elite interests and alter the entire economy without any input from us.

We made the short video above explaining why the Fed makes so many decisions for Wall Street rather than Main Street.

The Fed claims to maintain economic stability, but economic stability for whom, big banks or the American people?

That’s why we are calling on the Federal Reserve to listen to the voices of the people whose lives are affected by this weak economy.… Read the rest

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The Fed’s Cold War Bunker Had $4 Billion Cash For After The Apocalypse

The 1970s fear of nuclear apocalypse has left us with some strange relics. Gizmodo uncovers the Culpeper Switch, where the Federal Reserve Bank stashed $4 Billion in cash so that even if Americans were stumbling around in a nuclear winter landscape, they’d still be in thrall to the banks:

New York and DC are piles of ash, but at least your checks are clearing. That was the idea behind the Culpeper Switch, a sprawling bunker built by the Federal Reserve to keep the banks running after nuclear apocalypse. But even some Cold War-era politicians thought it was silly.


Former Federal Reserve bunker in Culpeper, VA (circa 1992).

The compound was built just outside the small town of Culpeper, Virginia, near Mount Pony, in 1969. The 135,000 square foot facility was officially called the Federal Reserve System’s Communications and Records Center, and it housed about $4 billion of American currency during the 1970s — currency sitting in what was reportedly the world’s largest single-floor vault at the time.

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Anti-Corruption Movement Makes Big Push


Washington, DC (TFC) – Represent Us is the grassroots organization responsible for drafting the provisional Anti-Corruption Act. This bill is designed with the singular purpose of taking the influence of big money from lobbyists and Super Pacs out of the political system. Represent Us has been making headway and gaining momentum ever since Tallahassee, FL became the first municipality in American history to pass legislation criminalizing corruption on election day of last year. Represent Us hopes to see more expansion throughout the rest of 2015. By 2016, they hope to have 12 new municipal chapters as well as 2 state senators sponsoring the Anti-Corruption Act. Represent Us is taking their momentum from last year into 2015, starting the year off with a nationwide protest scheduled for April 15, American corruption’s birthday, also known as tax day. They are calling it Representation Day.

On April 15, cities all across America will orchestrate unique demonstrations in front of government buildings, peacefully demanding representation on the day the government demands we pay it large sums of money to allow it to fund its illegal spying networks, its militarized police force that is killing over 1000 people a year, and the corrupt Federal Reserve Banks that make inflation and poverty statistical certainties with no viable political solutions.… Read the rest

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Rand Paul Has A New Conspiracy Theory About The Fed

The Paul family has a special relationship with the Federal Reserve “Bank” and it continues with Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed rhetoric. From Wonkblog:

Rand Paul has either uncovered one of the biggest scandals in the history of this country, or just invented a new conspiracy theory.

Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore 8

Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore (CC)

I’ll give you one guess which it is.

The backdrop is Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill, which is really an intimidate the Fed bill. The fact is, the Dodd-Frank financial reform already audited the Fed’s past emergency lending, and requires it to disclose any such future lending, too. Not only that, but the rest of the Fed’s balance sheet is already audited by the Government Accountability Office, the Office of the Inspector General, and independent private auditors. That’s not good enough for Paul, though, who also wants to “audit” the Fed’s monetary policy decisions. Basically, he wants Congress to look over the Fed’s shoulder and second-guess whether it should have raised rates or bought bonds.

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