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Fed Up With The Fed

From the good people at Brave New Films: Under pressure from big corporations and Wall Street, the Federal Reserve is moving in ways that will stop wage growth and raise interest rates.  This is a terrible idea that will hurt millions of low wage workers and unemployed Americans.

The Fed makes monetary policies that directly affect us all. They influence the economy, inflation and employment levels. But when over 80 percent of the Federal Reserve members are bankers and heads of corporations, it is no wonder they only represent elite interests and alter the entire economy without any input from us.

We made the short video above explaining why the Fed makes so many decisions for Wall Street rather than Main Street.

The Fed claims to maintain economic stability, but economic stability for whom, big banks or the American people?

That’s why we are calling on the Federal Reserve to listen to the voices of the people whose lives are affected by this weak economy.… Read the rest

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The Fed’s Cold War Bunker Had $4 Billion Cash For After The Apocalypse

The 1970s fear of nuclear apocalypse has left us with some strange relics. Gizmodo uncovers the Culpeper Switch, where the Federal Reserve Bank stashed $4 Billion in cash so that even if Americans were stumbling around in a nuclear winter landscape, they’d still be in thrall to the banks:

New York and DC are piles of ash, but at least your checks are clearing. That was the idea behind the Culpeper Switch, a sprawling bunker built by the Federal Reserve to keep the banks running after nuclear apocalypse. But even some Cold War-era politicians thought it was silly.


Former Federal Reserve bunker in Culpeper, VA (circa 1992).

The compound was built just outside the small town of Culpeper, Virginia, near Mount Pony, in 1969. The 135,000 square foot facility was officially called the Federal Reserve System’s Communications and Records Center, and it housed about $4 billion of American currency during the 1970s — currency sitting in what was reportedly the world’s largest single-floor vault at the time.

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Anti-Corruption Movement Makes Big Push


Washington, DC (TFC) – Represent Us is the grassroots organization responsible for drafting the provisional Anti-Corruption Act. This bill is designed with the singular purpose of taking the influence of big money from lobbyists and Super Pacs out of the political system. Represent Us has been making headway and gaining momentum ever since Tallahassee, FL became the first municipality in American history to pass legislation criminalizing corruption on election day of last year. Represent Us hopes to see more expansion throughout the rest of 2015. By 2016, they hope to have 12 new municipal chapters as well as 2 state senators sponsoring the Anti-Corruption Act. Represent Us is taking their momentum from last year into 2015, starting the year off with a nationwide protest scheduled for April 15, American corruption’s birthday, also known as tax day. They are calling it Representation Day.

On April 15, cities all across America will orchestrate unique demonstrations in front of government buildings, peacefully demanding representation on the day the government demands we pay it large sums of money to allow it to fund its illegal spying networks, its militarized police force that is killing over 1000 people a year, and the corrupt Federal Reserve Banks that make inflation and poverty statistical certainties with no viable political solutions.… Read the rest

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Rand Paul Has A New Conspiracy Theory About The Fed

The Paul family has a special relationship with the Federal Reserve “Bank” and it continues with Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed rhetoric. From Wonkblog:

Rand Paul has either uncovered one of the biggest scandals in the history of this country, or just invented a new conspiracy theory.

Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore 8

Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore (CC)

I’ll give you one guess which it is.

The backdrop is Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill, which is really an intimidate the Fed bill. The fact is, the Dodd-Frank financial reform already audited the Fed’s past emergency lending, and requires it to disclose any such future lending, too. Not only that, but the rest of the Fed’s balance sheet is already audited by the Government Accountability Office, the Office of the Inspector General, and independent private auditors. That’s not good enough for Paul, though, who also wants to “audit” the Fed’s monetary policy decisions. Basically, he wants Congress to look over the Fed’s shoulder and second-guess whether it should have raised rates or bought bonds.

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Stung by criticism, Federal Reserve will review how it supervises large banks

FederalReserveLogovia Fortune:

New review lasting “several months” will try to address concerns about “regulatory capture”.

The Federal Reserve is to launch a major review into whether it is too close to the banks it supervises, after a recent spate of criticism alleging that it is still in thrall to Wall Street’s giants.

William Dudley, who heads the New York Fed and is consequently responsible for supervising most of the country’s largest banks, will tell a Senate committee later today that a new review into its supervisory practises will look specifically at the issue of ‘regulatory capture’–the idea that a supervisor tasked with upholding the public interest ends up under the influence of the companies it is supposed to be monitoring.

According to remarks prepared in advance and published on the NY Fed’s website, Dudley will say the review is expected to last “several months”.

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Michael Lewis on the Federal Reserve and the Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

2013 Federal Reserve Bank of New York from Maiden LaneMichael Lewis is the former Wall Streeter who wrote the bestselling books Liar’s Poker, Moneyball and Flash Boys (among others). His dissection for Bloomberg View of the Carmen Segarra tapes (listen here) recorded while she was employed by the Federal Reserve is well worth a read. For those who don’t know, the main revelation is a recording of a discussion at the Fed in which a Goldman Sachs deal is described as “legal but shady”:

…First, a bit of background — which you might get equally well from today’s broadcast as well as from this article by ProPublica. After the 2008 financial crisis, the New York Fed, now the chief U.S. bank regulator, commissioned a study of itself. This study, which the Fed also intended to keep to itself, set out to understand why the Fed hadn’t spotted the insane and destructive behavior inside the big banks, and stopped it before it got out of control.

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Berlin is Inspiring the Next Revolution: Luke Rudkowski’s speech

In this video Luke Rudkowski delivers a speech to over 5,000 Germans that come out every Monday to rally. The main focus of this new, growing and expanding movement in Germany is to end the Fed, highlight main stream media propaganda and put an end to foreign wars of aggression. The actions in Berlin have sparked solidarity actions in Santa Monica CA, Vancouver Canada and NYC.

Special Thanks to Richardo from WRC Berlin for the camera work, contact him if you want to organize in Berlin https://www.facebook.com/ricardo.hapke

Via We Are Change

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Game Changing “End The Fed” Rally Planned in Europe

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Lars Maehrholz during his layover in Berlin about the merger of 128 cities and 5 countries that will come together on July 19th to do a mass protest against the U.S Federal Reserve in Berlin Germany. Lars is a former skydiver that became the main organizer of the massive Monday peace vigils in Berlin. The Monday peace vigil is an autonomous fully independent movement that gained massive popularity in Berlin that is against the U.S Federal Reserve, main stream media and foreign wars of aggression.

To find out more about the event check out:

Via We Are Change

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Monday Demonstrations in Germany: The Architects Of The Future

In this original short documentary by NuoVisoTv, we learn about the widely popular, organic, grassroots movement that recently rose up in Germany against the U.S Federal Reserve, Main Stream Media and U.S/NATO Wars.

This is an original short documentary made by NuoVisoTV please follow them on YouTube.

For those interested in the historic background: The German Monday Demonstrations (Montagsdemonstrationen) helped to bring down the repressive surveillance state GDR regime 25 years ago:

Via We Are Change

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