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Rage Grows in America: Anti‑Government Conspiracies

The Anti Defamation League goes all out to discredit popular Texas talk radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones:

With conspiracy talk-show host Alex Jones leading the way, one of the most disturbing trends in 2009 has been the resurrection and proliferation of some of the same anti-government conspiracy theories that so riled up domestic extremists in the 1990s. Such theories had been less popular in the 2000s, but Obama’s election gave anti-government conspiracy theorists a new focus for their efforts, a new light in which they could re-cast some of the old theories, and a willingness to come up with new conspiracies. More extreme than the “birther” conspiracy theory, these theories allege dark, violent designs on the part of the federal government.

Anti-Government Conspiracy Theories and Their Transmission

Though there are many conspiracy theories and numerous permutations, three are particularly entrenched among anti-government extremists:

  • Imposition of Martial Law. The federal government is plotting to declare martial law in the near future as a way to strip Americans of their freedoms and institute the New World Order.
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