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40-Year-Old Fetus Found Inside Elderly Woman


Pregnancy is terrifying. Via the Telegraph:

A 40-year-old fetus has been found in the body of an 82-year-old woman.

The Colombian woman went to hospital in Bogota suffering from abdominal pain. It was only then that doctors discovered the calcified fetus or lithopaedian inside her body.

Lithopaedian, also known as stone baby, is a rare syndrome that can occur when the fetus implants outside the uterus. If the baby becomes too large to be absorbed back into the body, it undergoes a process of mummification, with barriers of calcium protecting the mother from the decaying fetus. The stone baby can then remain undiagnosed for decades.

The 82-year-old woman has now been transferred to another hospital to undergo surgery.

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Study: Doctors Using Dangerous Steroids On Fetuses In Experiment To Reduce Lesbianism, Tomboyism, Intersexuality

In short, U.S. doctors have injected at least a thousand pregnant women with hazardous, non-FDA-approved synthetic steroids (without warning them of the risks) in a bizarre experimental effort to reduce future “tomboyism, lesbianism and bisexuality” in fetuses that may be genetically prone to those traits. The Northwestern University News Center unravels the disturbing medical news:

A new paper just published in the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry uses extensive Freedom of Information Act findings to detail an extremely troubling off-label medical intervention employed in the U.S. on pregnant women to intentionally engineer the development of their fetuses for sex normalization purposes.

The pregnant women targeted are at risk for having a child born with the condition congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), an endocrinological condition that can result in female fetuses being born with intersex or more male-typical genitals and brains. Women genetically identified as being at risk are given dexamethasone, a synthetic steroid, off-label starting as early as week five of the first trimester to try to “normalize” the development of those fetuses, which are female and CAH-affected.

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Horror in Russia: Fisherman Discovers Hundreds of Mummified Fetuses

According to Russia Times, a Russian fisherman near the Ural mountains made a gruesome discovery while hiking in search of firewood: hundreds of canisters containing human fetuses. The 50 milliliter canisters and their horrific contents were abandoned on the outskirts of the small town of Nevyansk. Authorities there denied that the fetuses originated in their town, claiming that Nevyansk is too small to have produced this many abortions and miscarriages.

The canisters were later tracked to three hospitals in the area, but the mystery doesn’t end there: the containers were filled with formalin and labeled with identifying information regarding the mothers, both completely out of accordance with Russian medical policies. Even stranger? This gruesome cargo has apparently been in storage for ten years…

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Oklahoma Bill Proposed To Outlaw Use Of Human Fetuses In Food

Ralph-Shortey-Bush-cropped-proto-custom_28Republican Ralph Shortey believes that in the near future, human fetuses will be added to our food to “enhance flavor” and wants the government and pro-life movement to take action. Is he onto something? Talking Points Memo writes:

An Oklahoma Republican is pushing a bill to outlaw the use of human fetuses in food, because, as he says, “there is a potential that there are companies that are using aborted human babies in their research and development of basically enhancing flavor for artificial flavors.”

State Sen. Ralph Shortey introduced a bill on Tuesday “prohibiting the sale or manufacture of food or products which contain aborted human fetuses.”

Though he has allowed that he is not aware of this occurring in Oklahoma, or anywhere for that matter, Shortey cited research he did on the internet that claimed that some companies use embryonic stem cells to help develop artificial flavoring. “It would be a public relations nightmare for a company to use” aborted human fetuses for R&D, Shortey told KRMG Radio, so when asked they usually say something like “we strive to do things ethically.”

“I’m not entirely sure if there are any” companies doing this, he continued.

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