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The Drone Film Festival

Drones continue to be a thing in 2015, as evidenced by the launch of the Drone Film Festival in New York next month. Omnicom’s Media Pulse picks up on it:

It’s official: the next frontier in art is… drones. Between recently relaxed regulations and the proliferation of sub-$150 camera drones, the Next Big Thing in consumer electronics, post CES, is set to become the Next Big Thing among art’s elite, too. So much so, in fact, the first ever Drone Film Festival is set to debut in (where else?) New York City in March of this year.

Founded by director Randy Scott Slavin, the festival came about mid-2014 when one of Slavin’s own drone films went viral. Says Slavin, “I looked around and realized that there were not only no drone categories in bigger festivals, but there were no exclusive drone festivals.” One of Slavin’s inspirations, in fact, was a drone film called Pritty Sweet, directed by the legendary Spike Jonze.

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Clark: Making Duchamp’s Fountain Look Like A Urinal

Gonzmomentary.com just announced that “Clark: A Gonzomentary” has been accepted by the Philly Independent Film Festival.

Clark: A Gonzomentary will premier Friday June 28th, 2013, 5pm EST at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia PA. But you can watch the full early release of the movie on YouTube.

Some new outtake videos:

Clark explains why he creates phallic art.

Beyond The Art: Clark on Clark.

Beyond the Art: JC on JC.

Beyond the Art: Tito on Tito.

Beyond the Art: Daniel on Daniel.

The progression of an artist’s work.

Method acting.” (Handcam)

Dick guy.” (Behind the scenes handcam)

Hallucinogenic Minisode.

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