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Was the Chicago fire the result of a comet impact?


As someone who lives in Michigan, I agree that there are indeed some very weird natural phenomena on the great lakes which could use more study. Testament to the argument that nothing is ever said and finished in science.

Contrary to popular folklore, the Chicago fire is not the worst in U.S. history. It was not even the worst to occur on October 8 that year. The same evening—in fact, at the same time, about 9:30—a fierce wildfire struck in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, over 200 miles to the north of Chicago, destroying the town and a dozen other villages. Estimates of those killed range upward from 1200 to 2500 in a single night. It was not the Chicago fire but the simultaneous “Peshtigo Fire” that was the deadliest in U.S. history.

And there is more. On the same evening, across Lake Michigan, another fire also wreaked havoc. Though smaller fires had been burning for some time—not unusual under the reported conditions—the most intense outburst appears to have erupted simultaneously with the Chicago and Peshtigo fires.

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The Unrelenting Presence of the Subconscious (or why and how I set my life ablaze)

One of the single greatest obstacles any of us can overcome in our lifetimes, on a personal level, is the subconscious. The countless subconscious barriers that are implanted in our young and vulnerable brains since birth and fiercely reinforced by society as we grow older can ultimately decide our path in life. Worst of all, they can prevent us from unlocking our true potential and freeing our minds from the chains of mental slavery. Ever since I decided to attempt an undo of some of the subconscious programming that has been instilled in me, life has become quite interesting, to say the least.


Be careful before you decide to go fucking up your subconscious, if you cut the wrong wire, you might end up schizo. However if you get it just right, you just might discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential and staying irrevocably “in the flow.” Like all of life, it’s a bit of a balancing act.Read the rest

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This Is Black Friday in Bangladesh

NGWF-organized demo in Dhaka demanding charges against owners of Tazreen Fashion for the deaths of 112 workers in a factory fire. NGWF photo. Appeared 7 January 2013.  Derek Blackadder (CC BY-SA 2.0)

NGWF-organized demo in Dhaka demanding charges against owners of Tazreen Fashion for the deaths of 112 workers in a factory fire. NGWF photo. Appeared 7 January 2013.
Derek Blackadder (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Michelle Chen writes at the Nation:

Walmart marks the holiday season this Friday with deals on its Faded Glory women’s sweaters. But this time of year marks a different occasion in another corner of Walmart’s empire: In Bangladesh, survivors and families remember the second anniversary of a massive fire at the Tazreen factory on the outskirts of Dhaka.

After the fire on November 24, 2012, as families mourned over the incinerated bodies in the factory ruins, activists dug up some damning shreds of evidence: they uncovered a Faded Glory label, proving that the workers had produced Walmart-branded clothes.

Today, two years on, Walmart seems eager to put the horrific legacy of Tazreen behind it. But the victims, including 112 dead and many others left injured and impoverished, can’t move on.

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Police Say Oklahoma Man’s Fiery Death May Have Been Spontaneous Combustion

Is this possible? Oklahoma police say it is. Local KFSM5 reports:

The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office ruled out homicide in the death of a Muldrow man, but has not ruled out spontaneous human combustion following the state medical examiner’s findings a day later. “It’s very unusual and it’s bizarre and I can’t explain it,” said Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Preliminary autopsy results were released on the 65-year-old man the sheriff believes may have died from spontaneous human combustion. Lockhart said the victim may have burned for 10 hours.

Lockhart said the victim was an alcoholic and an avid smoker. “We weren’t saying the guy just busted into flames, there’s gotta have an ignition source and what we’re looking at is an ignition source such as lighting a cigarette and catches himself on fire, sucks the flames down his throat, and falls down,” Lockhart said.

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Idiot Sets Fire to Stage Magician’s Head

Picture: Wayne Houchin (C)

“I’d like to beat the living s–t out of that coward that did this to Wayne. Sorry but I am disgusted beyond words and equally angered. I hope that justice will be served. Get better soon, Wayne. We are all thinking of you”

Conjurer77, YouTube commentor.

The American stage magician Wayne Houchin, currently one of the stars and hosts of Breaking Magic (Discovery), has suffered severe burns to his face and head after a lunatic poured burning liquid over him in an unprovoked and unexpected attack during the taping of a TV show. The YouTube video (posted at bottom of this article) is going viral and fans of the magician are more than a little annoyed. According to The Telegraph:

[Wayne]was in the Dominican Republic to promote his Curiosidades show when he suffered severe burns after a TV chat show host poured burning cologne over his head.

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Ghosts Blamed for Rash of Self-Immolations in India

The Daily Bhakshar reports on a rash of self-immolations among Indian youth. In the most recent incident, a young girl doused herself in kerosine and set herself afire. Before she died, she told her parents that two ghostly girls had told her to do it. Strangely, this is not the first such incident: Henna's father Abdul Razzaq and brother Feroz were shocked when the dying girl told them that two girls had come to her and asked her to douse with kerosene and accompany them. However, no one saw the mysterious girls entering in or going out of the house before or after the incident. They were also shocked as Henna was absolutely normal and had meal with family before she was found 100% burnt.
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British Men Convicted For Nude Wiccan Fire Ritual

burninghellhouseThis is what can happen when you go too far trying to combat negative vibes. But as a believer in the power of burning sage, I’m sympathetic. The Telegraph reports:

Aftab Mughal went to see Terence Williams for advice and the pair decided to burn away the negativity using lit newspaper as part of a Wiccan ceremony.

A neighbour became concerned after seeing thick smoke coming from the flat. He climbed on a roof at the front of the house and, looking inside, could see Williams standing next to a fire completely naked and throwing things on to it, the court was told. He banged on the window to get Williams’ attention and shouted at him to get out. “The flames were licking around Mr Williams’ ankles at that stage. He was staring right through him.”

The pair had been burning white sage leaves and a candle as they meditated. But when Mughal said there was a “negative vibe in the air”, they decided to burn it away.

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Who Lobbies In Washington?

OpenSecrets has a wealth of information concerning private lobbying of federal and state government in the United States. However, it may be best to begin by looking at where the lobbying money is coming from. The FIRE (finance, insurance, and real estate) sector leads the field in terms of lobbying funds spent from 1998-2011. Also notable is how far down the list the Republican bogeyman of “Big Labor” is:


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Thought Control On Modern American College Campuses

In April of 2009 I designed and printed fliers for the group Students for Concealed Carry on Campus at a Pittsburgh community college. I included facts such as “The Supreme Court ruled that police have no obligation to protect the people.” These fliers earned me a meeting with the Dean of Student Development, Yvonne Burns, who angrily promised that the club would never be allowed on “her” campus, and ordered me to destroy all related literature. I had been in a public quad handing out informational pamphlets–and had asked for permission to do so! Dean Burns told me I was soliciting; she had obviously been fed that line by a superior without thinking about it. When I told her that the legal definition of “solicitation” involved trying to sell something, she told me I was trying to “sell an idea.” Wait, isn’t that… college? The SCCC website, concealedcampus.org, contains a link to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE; www.thefire.org), which recognized the violation of my First Amendment rights and worked with me to restore them — not because it supports gun rights, but because it supports free speech on campus. FIRE throws a wrench into the system of disinforming entire generations of college students — who are treated like children in need of supervision and protection from wayward improper ideas — with one simple tool: publicity. So, even if you hate guns or just don’t like me – please take a moment to look at www.thefire.org. You’ll be shocked by some of the things that college administrators do when they think no one’s watching. The moral outrage you feel after reading a few cases might inspire you to want to help FIRE restore liberty to our campuses...
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