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Indigenous Activists Speak Out as Florida Agencies Prepare to Flood Sacred Burial Grounds

PIC: EarthFirst (CC)

PIC: EarthFirst (CC)

Via the Earth First! Newswire, Matt Keene writes:

Indigenous peoples and those standing in solidarity refuse to sit idle as the St. Johns River Water Management District and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers prepare to flood sacred burial grounds.

The indigenous activists have concentrated their efforts near the headwaters of the St Johns River in the Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area, where the SJRWMD and USACE intend to flood approximately 14,000 acres, creating a sprawling lake on top of essential wetlands and disturbing indigenous burial grounds.

In an urgent call to action, the Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples stated that:

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Management Districts and Seminole Tribe, Inc. have crossed the line disturbing our way of life, and our culture, and our sacred (holy) grounds and sacred (holy) aboriginal burial grounds. This has been going on too long.

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Red Ice Creations features Randall Carlson : Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe

As a professional designer/builder, student of Sacred Geometry and long time Freemason, Randall Carlson is uniquely qualified to interpret the hidden meaning of the great masterpieces of mystical architecture. It is his aspiration to affect a revival of lost knowledge towards the goal of creating the new world based upon universal principles of harmony, freedom, and spiritual evolution...
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