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Come and Have Some Tea with Me

Has anyone ever heard of The Tea Company? They were one of the most outrageous late 1960's psych bands ever. If you look at the cover of the album you will notice that they have a lot of tea. Listen to the music within. They are clearly talking about a different kind of tea and then some. One of the most lysergic and psyched out records I have ever heard. Here is the self titled first track and the trippy as hell Flowers for your enjoyment. Note: this a very collectible record. I found it for a dollar at a thrift store many years ago.
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Plants That Point To Hidden Ruins

photogravure1BLDG BLOG delves into the beauty of how plant life can reflect what is buried in the earth below, and could even be used to find the location of hidden treasure:

I absolutely love stories like this, and I swoon a little bit when I read them; it turns out that “plants growing over old sites of human habitation have a different chemistry from their neighbors, and these differences can reveal the location of buried ruins.”

The brief article goes on to tell the story of two archaeologists, who, in collecting plants in Greenland, made the chemical discovery: “Some of their samples were unusually rich in nitrogen-15, and subsequent digs revealed that these plants had been growing above long-abandoned Norse farmsteads.”

The idea that your garden could be more like an indicator landscape for lost archaeological sites—that, below the flowers, informing their very chemistry, perhaps even subtly altering their shapes and colors, are the traces of abandoned architecture—is absolutely unbelievable.

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