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Siberian ‘Forest Boy’ Emerges After Years of Living in Wild

E024D26AFE3D1A57D1763753309E56Ever wonder if any of the “Bigfoot” sightings that get reported are in fact sightings of hermits and “wild” people?

Via Newser:

A 20-year-old Russian man has emerged from a Siberian forest after spending 16 years living there. The man says he and his hermit parents moved there when he was 4. His folks finally left in May, and locals say they then decided to head to an island off Russia’s Pacific coast—and they didn’t invite their son, report AFP and RT News. “He has no education, no social skills, and no ideas about the world beyond the forest,” says a local prosecutor, per RIA Novosti. But “he looked normal and healthy; he only spoke slowly, since he doesn’t communicate as often as most people.”

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Food, Farms, Forests, and Fracking: Connecting the Dots

Picture: Zarateman (CC)

Picture: Zarateman (CC)

Ronnie Cummins and Zack Kaldveer write at Common Dreams:

If ever there was a time for activist networks and the body politic to cooperate and unite forces, it’s now. Global warming, driven in large part by the reckless business-as-usual practices of multi-billion-dollar fossil fuel and agribusiness corporations, has brought us to the brink of a global calamity.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution in the atmosphere has now reached 400 ppm of carbon dioxide (CO2), the highest level since our hunter and gatherer ancestors evolved 200,000 years ago. We are now facing, even though millions are still in denial, the most serious existential threat that humans have ever encountered. Through ignorance and greed, through unsustainable land use and abuse, through reckless deforestation, through unsustainable food, farming and ranching practices, and through overconsumption of fossil fuels, we have overloaded the atmosphere with dangerous levels of greenhouse gases: CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and black soot.

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