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Jon Stewart: It’s Fox News’ Job to F-Up The Truth

While Jon Stewart may not be the first to criticize Fox as a news organization, he's certainly a lot funnier than the Obama administration and Fox's other critics are. This is a great defense from Fox News, got to give it to then. They effectively say (as Stewart spends a lot of time on) that most of their shows aren't real news. So I guess people really don't want real news, because this certainly has not hurt Fox's ratings lately or over the last decade. And I'm glad to see he took a parting shot at MSNBC for being in the tank for Obama — and reminding the White House that they don't have to speak "truth to power" because "they are the power"...
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DeFOX America

From our friends at Brave New Films:
FOX News is on a witch hunt. Their goal is simple: to destroy the Obama administration and the progressive movement. They've already forced Van Jones out of the White House. They've badgered Congress into passing unconstitutional measures to defund ACORN. Glenn Beck actually keeps an enemies list on a blackboard that's a regular part of his show. ACORN is just the beginning. FOX has an enemies list, and they're going to keep destroying progressive champions until we stop them. Tell your Congressperson: If you vote to extend the "Defund ACORN Act," you're just assisting FOX in their anti-American witch hunt.
Sign the petition and send a message to Congress
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The Fox News War: What’s the Upside for Obama?

Five years after activist director Robert Greenwald woke the country up to the Republican Party agenda of Fox News Channel with his bestselling documentary OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, Linda Feldmann suggests that President Obama and his team shouldn’t be raising the issue in this essay in the Christian Science Monitor. I’m not so sure; although Greenwald & co. made it obvious to the media that FNC was essentially a propaganda tool for the RNC, the message seemingly hasn’t seeped in deeply enough for the average American TV viewer:

The Obama administration has taken a fair amount of grief for its campaign to marginalize Fox News, saying the cable network is “not a news organization” but rather “the communications arm of the Republican Party.”

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, not a fire-breathing conservative, calls it “dumb on multiple levels” – a distraction from policy messages, a boost to Fox ratings, and, she writes, “it deprives the White House, to the extent it refuses to provide administration officials to appear on the cable network, of access to an audience that is, in fact, broader than hardcore Obama-haters.”

Stephen Hess, a Brookings Institution scholar on White House press relations going back decades, says, “It makes them in the White House look terribly political, and political means petty in our lexicon.”

The White House has also opened itself up to charges that it is creating an “enemies list,” à la President Richard Nixon – a charge made on the Senate floor Wednesday by Sen.

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How Fox News Outsmarted the White House

John Batchelor commentary in the Daily Beast:

The White House’s war on Fox shows its ignorance of the network’s true purpose: show business. And Team Obama is giving Murdoch just what he wants.

After David Axelrod sneaked into Roger Ailes’ office in New York to powwow on Sept. 30, the White House brain trust of David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel decided that it is shrewd and useful to attack Fox News as a Republican tool—or as White House Communications Director Anita Dunn remarked, as “a wing of the Republican Party.” It is a guess that the president is not annoyed by this tactic. It is a better guess that the White House has not had a chance, in its custard pie-throwing glee, to pause and consider why this is a stupid idea—not only unfair to all other networks that will become suspect, but also guaranteed to give comedy skits about Fox an attention around the globe not achieved since Walter Cronkite’s moon-landing moment.

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Glenn Beck In His Youth

Before becoming a champion of the disaffected, Glenn Beck was a "morning zookeeper" on Phoenix's Y95 radio station, alongside co-anchors Tim Hattrick and Zippy the Chimp. This is from 1986.
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