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Artist Runs Into Tornados

Francis Alÿs  runs straight into a tornado in the name of art. The strange thing is, this wasn’t the first time Alÿs willingly put himself in danger. Alÿs’ video installation is coming to New York’s Museum of Modern Art next year. You can view a clip of the video here. Bloomberg reports:

A man walks into a tornado with a video camera. As the killer winds whip around him and dirt gets in his lungs, he records the experience for posterity.

The man is 50-year-old Francis Alys, a Belgian-born artist. He has plunged into tornadoes in the Mexican countryside several times over 10 years, all in the name of art.

The resulting video work “Tornado” (2000-10) is a highlight of his one-man show at London’s Tate Modern (through Sept. 5), which is at New York’s Museum of Modern Art next year.

An architect by training, Alys went to Mexico in 1986 to rebuild quake-hit areas and never left.

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