Franny Armstrong

One of the more interesting documentary films released this year was The Age of Stupid. Director Franny Armstrong has put together a large group of climate change activists to promote the film and of course they are currently in Copenhagen. They’ve been broadcasting a daily show called, naturally, The Stupid Show. Tonight’s guest is George Monbiot, who she says is “the world’s cleverest climate chap.”

That’s tonight … here’s the previous show, which Franny describes as:

with In The Diner With Achim Steiner as the big rhyming interview (following hot on the heels of Friday’s On My Head With Ed), Andrew Simms from NEF being really quite convincing that a low-carbon future is going to be happier and top climate scientist Richard Betts from the MET office laughing at my attempt to draw the history of the world in one minute. Shame his homemade joke went down like a lead balloon on the laugh-o-meter…