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Killer on the Road: The Uneasy Connections Between Serial Killers and America’s Highways

Picture: Serial Killer Ottis Toole, Jacksonville Police Department (PD)

Interested in serial killers and the darker side of the American myth of progress? Check out a short video from the BBC on Ginger Strand’s new book Killer on the Road. Here’s a description of the book:

Killer on the Road tells the entwined stories of America’s highways and its highway killers. There’s the hot-rodding juvenile delinquent who led the National Guard on a multistate manhunt; the wannabe highway patrolman who murdered hitchhiking coeds; the record promoter who preyed on “ghetto kids” in a city reshaped by freeways; the nondescript married man who stalked the interstates seeking women with car trouble; and the trucker who delivered death with his cargo. Thudding away behind these grisly crime sprees is the story of the interstates—how they were sold, how they were built, how they reshaped the nation, and how we came to equate them with violence.

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