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Address To The Industrial Nation

CyberpunK-2YOU will be pleased to know … actually … let’s start at the beginning. All systems are a product of their histories. Events over time shape the state of OS and application software both for good and bad; while users make forward progress on productive work, bugs and malicious software may destabilize and corrupt their efforts. External events to a historical version of a virtual monitor ma-chine. Replay is intentionally non-deterministic, and may be parametrized as to modify the stream of events that are delivered. In the second, analysis stage, the engine pro-state as mutable through time has been the subject of many tools to assist with semantic comparisons between the resulting alternate states.

Now, a lot of people like to talk about “industrial musicK” like they know what they’re talking about. They only talk of machine drums, sequencers set on 16th-note patterns, barre cords, tedious vocal distortion and sound bites sampled from A Scanner Darkly.… Read the rest

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I guess I should start by saying what a big fan I am of Front 242. From Geography to UP EVIL & OFF and everything in between. Then a couple of years ago I finally got my hands on their 2003 release, PULSE.

The track listing was very intriguing — I was excited by the prospect of entering a new world of ‘cyberpunk” soundscapes augmented by an erotic delirium of industrial proportions … something about sorcery enhanced by cybernetic implants for cross-dressing degenerates. But then I actually listened to it … and the magic was gone. I eventually ‘unchecked’ all the tracks of the album and deemed it a lost cause and failure.

Oh, the irony. Cut to a few days ago when looking to free up some space on my HD I set my sights on iTunes. I inevitably sought out the unchecked tracks that’s when PULSE was put back on my radar.… Read the rest

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