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Gay Republicans Go For Romney

The Log Cabin Republicans are as divided as ever over the GOP presidential candidate, but Mitt is their man reports The Advocate:

Log Cabin Republicans, the largest national group representing gay Republicans, announced its endorsement of Mitt Romney for president Tuesday, saying the decision shows, “We are Americans first.”

In a separate explanatory statement, however, the group also said its endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor was “qualified” and that it planned to be “most active” in working for its endorsed House and Senate candidates. And it dismissed Romney’s signed pledge to ban same-sex marriage via an amendment to the U.S. Constitution as an “empty promise.”

The group’s national board of directors said the decision to endorse came “after careful consideration and consultation with our members and chapters, as well as communication with Mitt Romney and his campaign team.” Questions about whether the Log Cabin Republicans would endorse the Romney-Ryan ticket have surrounded the group for months…

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Gay Republicans Are Like Jewish Nazis And Black Klan Members

Michael Musto of the Village Voice is outraged that anyone in the gay community would even consider voting for Mitt Romney:

Ever since the conservative gay group GOProud backed Mitt Romney for President last week–albeit by a very slim margin–the epithets and insults have been hurling at them like taunts at a gay kid.

But this time, the outrage is justified.

I always thought that any gay who backs a candidate that doesn’t support equal rights must have some very scary death wish…

He goes on to say that these Gay Republicans (once profiled in the disinformation documentary of that name) are like Jewish Nazis, Black Klan members, women who campaign for Rush Limbaugh, etc…

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Homophobic Politician Gay Sex Scandal Tracker

Gay Homophobe provides the service of tracking the most recent gay sex scandal involving a prominent anti-gay politician — and the sometimes fascinating explanations offered. For the Christian Right, the site is kind of equivalent to those “days since our last tornado” signs which all old Wild West towns had. (Or which I imagine they had?) In conclusion: who knows when the latest tornado in someone’s pants will arrive.


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CPAC Speaker Condemns GOP Conference for Gay Republican Group Invite

Gay RepublicansWay back when, in the ancient days of the Bush Administration (circa 2004), Disinformation distributed a documentary called Gay Republicans, which focused on the activities of the Log Cabin Republicans. When I recently came across this video from the recent CPAC conference, seems like it's history repeating itself with another group called GOPride. These folks actually do vote, keep that in mind, Grand Old Party ... after all, Ron Paul — who could care less about gay Americans serving in the military — did win the 2010 CPAC presidential straw poll, by a wide margin...
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