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How To Build A Geodesic Dome Gingerbread House

geoThe Buckminster Fuller Institute reveals how to be more forward thinking in your Christmas crafts:

Using an online geodesic dome calculator you can calculate easily the number and dimensions of the triangles you need to build the dome. I would strongly suggest to go for the V2 version if you don’t have unlimited time on your hands. As a radius for the dome we went for 25 centimeters (roughly 10 inch) which worked out pretty well after all.

First, cut and bake the 30 triangles you will need to construct the pentagons. You will end up with 6 pentagons that construct the basic structure of your gingerbread geodesic dome.

After the pentagons are tightly held together by the icing, construct them to form the basic structure of the dome. Besides the triangles for the dome, we also baked a circular base to place the dome upon, slightly bigger than the original diameter for the dome.

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Bucky’s Balls Can Double Your Lifespan

Photo: Jynto (CC)

Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983) was the quintessential polymath: inventor, researcher, engineer, philosopher, mathematician, architect, teacher, archivist, author, social theorist, futurist, mystic & poet.

Best known for inventing (or more accurately ‘discovering’) the Geodesic Dome. *There were a few earlier domes built but no evidence the designers understood the engineering & mathematical implications of the shape*. He didn’t live to see the discovery of C-60, formally named Buckminsterfullerine in his honor, or the novel variant fullerines which, as minimum-case geometric shapes, are the essential building blocks of nanotechnology.

Fullerines were discovered in the lab, but quickly thereafter found to be ubiquitous in nature. These little 60-atom carbon soccer-balls are produced every time you strike a match or smoke a joint. They are also seen in deep space in large quantities (created in stellar explosions), and may have a cosmic function in kickstarting self-replicatory life processes.

Now the word is in … Buckyballs mixed in olive oil are like a super-mega antioxidant.… Read the rest

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