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One of the United States’ Greatest Mysteries

It took them a while, but the BBC has finally discovered the Georgia Guidestones:

The drone of the man’s oak didgeridoo reverberated off the granite. “Not that I know when Doomsday is,” he said, parting his lips from the mouthpiece and pointing toward the 19ft tall thick, grey stones a few yards from us. “But whenever it hits, this is right where I’d want to be.”


I met Anthony, a hitchhiker from North Carolina, at the site of the Georgia Guidestones, a mysterious six-piece granite monument atop a desolate hill in the small town of Elberton, Georgia. He had stopped at the site on his way to see the Coral Castle – another mysterious stone structure – in Homestead, Florida. I had stopped because I’m a sucker for roadside oddities.

“It’s no wonder this was chosen as the site for the guidestones. Elberton isn’t called the “Granite Capital of the World” for nothing,” Anthony said.

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R.C. Christian (A Pseudonyn)


What’s a “pseudonyn,” you ask? Why it’s the indelible typo carved into the granite tablet set horizontally in the ground a few feet west of the Georgia Guidestones. The name in question, R.C. Christian, is the pseudonymous identity of the man allegedly behind the Georgia Guidestones, probably a word play having to do with the Rosicrucians, the secretive society hotly tipped to be part of whatever the Guidestones are about.

It was also the answer to our last Guidestones Giveaway. This week’s question: What is the name of the evil corporation featured in the Guidestones series? Send us the answer (don’t worry about spelling: like R.C. Christian, we can live with typos) via our contact form and win of a copy of Raymond Wiley’s book, The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument and an official Guidestones cap (first 5 correct answers).

Here are Seasons 1 and 2 of Guidestones, completely free through September thanks to our producer friends.… Read the rest

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A Message About The End Of The World


The Georgia Guidestones: are they a message to us about the end of the world?

We can’t say for sure, but there are plenty of clues, many of them written into the Emmy Award-winning series Guidestones. It’s a drama but one uniquely suited to disinfonauts – where else are you going to find plots points including MK Ultra, steganography in famous paintings, and of course, the agenda of the creators of the Georgia Guidestones?

A couple of weeks ago we gave you Season 1 and now, as promised, we’re bringing you Season 2 (dubbed Sunflower Noir, completely FREE on our YouTube Channel through the end of September. Here it is, as a binge-viewing playlist:

This is the synopsis:

Guidestones: Sunflower Noir opens with Sandy Rai having been on the run since discovering the evil empire of Kraaon and her family’s involvement with it. Finally re-surfacing in London, she discovers that her has died.

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Be Not A Cancer On The Earth – Leave Room For Nature

cancer on the earth

“Be Not A Cancer On The Earth – Leave Room For Nature” – one of the ten mandates carved in eight languages on the Georgia Guidestones. People have been debating their meaning for about 30 years and the modern megalithic site has inspired all sorts of theories as to their origin and meaning.

guidestones hatReturning disinfonauts may know that we’re exclusively running the excellent web series Guidestones on our YouTube channel and our Facebook Videos page, completely FREE through September. We’re also giving away copies of Raymond Wiley’s book, The Georgia Guidestones: America’s Most Mysterious Monument, and official Guidestones caps. Just drop us a line via our contact form answering this question:

What is the name that Sandy and Trevor find on the Guidestones in Episode 9?

We’ll be picking 5 winners out of the proverbial hat*

*terms and conditions: must be within continental USA due to shipping expense.

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Maintain Global Population Under 500 Million


That statement (“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”) has an awful lot of people perplexed, anxious or both. It’s one of the ten instructions carved in eight languages on the Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia and certainly the one that captures the imagination of people thinking there is a plan afoot to drastically reduce the world’s population.

It’s also at the core of the award-winning web series Guidestones, which we’re pleased to bring you free of charge until the end of September, now conveniently collected into a single auto-playlist on YouTube:

Let us know what you think of the series. We’ll be bringing you Season 2 in full on or about August 21st.

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The Guidestones Series – Free and In Full

guidestonesHave you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? Many a disinfonaut will be familiar with the modern megalithic site in Elberton, Georgia, profiled in our short film presented by Raymond Wiley. You may also recall that some of the speculation involves theories about the Rosicrucians or other shadowy “elites” creating the Guidestones as a marker for a New World Order.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll find out for sure. Until then the mystery has inspired the Emmy Award winning web video series Guidestones, which we are proud to present in its entirety, binge-viewing ready, free on YouTube (or you can pay for it on iTunes…).*

Here’s Season 1; Season two will go live on or about August 21st. All episodes will remain available for free streaming through the end of September, 2015.

We’ll also be rolling the series out via Facebook. Oh, and pay attention because we’ll be doing some merch giveaways based on clues and events in the series.… Read the rest

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Guidestoned 2014 Documentary Kickstarter

“Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason.”
– Oscar Wilde

Help us dig up the Time Capsule.

Let’s dig up the Time Capsule together.

Guidestoned 2014 Kickstarter

Over the past 2 years some fellow filmmakers and I have been filming a documentary surrounding the Georgia Guidestones that we have appropriately dubbed Guidestoned. What has interested us more than the monument and its designers is people’s collective perception of its message. Which was surprisingly positive in person, something I admit was unexpected. Throughout filming the documentary we met groups of people ranging from Mormon Missionaries that travel the world, to a crystal ball stealing Nazi biker gang, and everything in between. Mostly all were welcoming and kind, save a few. This documentary is filled with so many different perspectives. Folks show their true character, which the Guidestones tend to bring out in people.… Read the rest

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ISIS, the FBI and the Georgia Guidestones (Plus All New 2014 Cube!)

Still from KafkaWinstonWorld's video at post bottom

Still from KafkaWinstonWorld’s video at post bottom

In a bizarre example of terrorism paranoia, America’s current bogeyman, ISIS, has been linked to the Georgia Guidestones (for those of you who don’t know about the Guidestones, check out our exclusive video below) following some recent vandalism where the word “Isis” was left on one of the stones (see video at bottom of post at 3:48 in). The FBI are on the case reports OnlineAthens:

The Georgia Guidestones, a 19-foot tall structure somewhat resembling the ancient Stonehenge monument of England, was recently vandalized in Elbert County and no one knows by whom.

But the inclusion of the word Isis in the graffiti earned the attention of the feds.

“We have not had any tips,” Elbert County sheriff’s Capt. Darren Scarborough said Monday of the search for the vandal. “We were hoping that through radio and newspapers we would get something, but we haven’t.”

However, the FBI was made aware of the graffiti because the author of the vandalism scrawled symbols on the stones and wrote such strange messages as, “I banish all darkness,” and, “I Am Isis, goddess of love.”

The word Isis caught the attention of the authorities because a terrorist group in the Middle East is known as ISIS.

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President Obama at Stonehenge

The White House is plugging President Obama’s visit to Stonehenge in England with this video:

His spoken thoughts aren’t exactly profound: “these are some special stones … I love the moss … there’s something here, that’s wonderful, this is very cool, there just something elemental about it, there’s something where you kind of feel like it should always be there, that it comes out of something basic.”

Regardless of his rather pointed lack of curiosity as to the purpose of the megalithic site, no doubt this will massively boost tourism to England. May we suggest, Mr. President, that when you get back you check out the modern-day American Stonehenge, the Georgia Guidestones, and give a similar boost to our stagnant economy?

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Listen to the Message – Adventures with Sound and Explorations Outside of Time

Georgia Guidestones

“The ethereal nature of poetic resonances teaches us about the inner dimensions. It is up to us to immerse ourselves and trod through the gross associative landscape of common expectations to recognize the buried treasure in our midst. But no matter how strong and beautiful feeling tones may appear, they are still traps. The arrow of mind must not stop at any target. Hitting a target means grasping at some phenomena, whether it is a paradise or a hell realm. The pursuit of gnosis has no end. No stoppage point should deter its longing for the infinite. The goal is for the dynamism of the arrow to be realized as equal to the space in which it flies. The open nature of that dynamism usurps its linear motion, and a new aspect of its meaning becomes possible, and it is reborn. In this manner we approach En Sof, the unattainable. If the arrow stops and hits any target, contemplation is officially over.”

– David Chaim Smith

Living near the Georgia Guidestones, I am constantly reminded that the world is filled with strange frequencies.  … Read the rest

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