The repressive, racist, red-state culture of the Bible-Belt has been invaded by Burners!  Apparently, it’s no longer just a west coast phenomenon. The Burner subculture, along with its unique form of totally…

index.phpFrom one system of ridgidly-imposed discipline and control to another … Russia Today reports:

Authorities in Muscogee County, Georgia say they’ve found a great way to let veterans of US wars share their experience with one another. It’ll just happen behind steel bars and under lock and key.

Officials from the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office recently held a press conference to discuss once of the department’s newest endeavors and they believe that it is the first of its kind in the country. Tucked in a corner of the county jail in rural Georgia is a dormitory specifically reserved to house inmates that have fought for America.

There ought to be a place in our city that provides a facility where veterans can stay for a period of time while being treated, physically and mentally,” Ret. Col. Roy Plummer said, reports the local Ledger-Enquirer

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Hank JohnsonDuring a hearing with the House Armed Services Committee last week, Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia attempted to explain his concern for the stability of the island of Guam if 8,000 new marines and other naval personnel were to be stationed there.

“My fear that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” said the the Georgia Democrat.

Hmm, after reading the follow-up statement to clarify Congressman Johnson’s testimony, I’m still looking for the evidence of “metaphorical” speaking … not really seeing it. Check out the video and the follow-up statement in this clip from MSNBC’s Way Too Early with Willie Geist:

Joeff Davis tipped us off about this KKK rally, reported in Creative Loafing:

Close to 50 members of the Georgia Knight Riders and Knights of the Ku Klux Klan rallied for a crowd of more than 500 on Feb. 20 in the town of Nahunta, Ga., about 275 miles southeast of Atlanta. Klan members stood in ornate robes and pointed hoods with faces exposed in front of a crowd of mostly enthusiastic onlookers for a two-hour rally. The few hecklers in the crowd were harshly scolded by supporters, while several dozen protesters, including the NAACP rallied nearby.