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Washington, D.C. Launches Transgender Respect Ad Campaign

The new series of PSAs breaks ground as the first such effort by an American city. DCist writes:

Mayor Vince Gray and the D.C. Office of Human Rights yesterday launched an ad campaign promoting respect for the city’s transgender and gender-non-conforming residents. The five ads, which will appear this fall, use images of members of the transgender and gender-non-conforming and convey the message that they are no different than any other D.C. resident.

City officials say that the government-funded ad campaign is the first of its kind in the nation to focus on transgender and gender-non-conforming residents.

At the launch of the ad campaign yesterday, Gray admitted that while the ads themselves would not be enough to stop discrimination and acts of violence, they would serve to raise awareness and highlight legal rights and protections that members of the community enjoy under the expansive D.C. Human Rights Act.

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American Family Association Spokesman Calls For ‘Underground Railroad’ To Kidnap Children Of Gay and Lesbian Parents

The idea of an underground network of Evangelical extremists dedicated to “rescuing” the children of gays and lesbians seems like the stuff of dystopian science fiction. The Huffington Post writes:

A prominent anti-gay pundit has sparked the ire of many in the blogosphere after calling for an “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households.”

In [one] tweet, Fischer included the link to a Reuters article about the case of Kenneth Miller, a Virginia-based Mennonite minister who has been charged with aiding and abetting the kidnapping of 10-year-old Isabella Miller-Jenkins.

Isabella’s mother, Lisa Miller, reportedly took her daughter to Nicaragua three years ago after losing a series of family court battles in Vermont with Janet Jenkins, her former lesbian partner. Miller has been assisted by evangelical groups who endorsed her decision to kidnap her daughter rather than expose her to Jenkins’ “homosexual lifestyle.”

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Right Wing Ignores Facts, Bullies Smithsonian

Aaron Cynic writes at Diatribe Media: In an age where 70 percent of U.S. troops believe Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be repealed, where their superiors also agree such a discriminatory policy should be removed, where another state has approved civil unions – radical right wing conservatives found a new way to attempt to demonize gays and lesbians. Even though the GOP majority in the House stated they would block legislation on such trivial matters as DATA until our tanking economy was addressed, John Boehner still found time to help the right strong arm the Smithsonian into removing artwork from a gay artist they deemed an “assault to the sensibilities of Christians.” The offensive assault on Christian sensibilities centers on an exhibit called Hide/Seek, which contains a video depicting Christ on the cross with ants crawling on Him...
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