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WikiLeaks Latest: Nobel Peace Prize For Assange? Social Networks Go Hostile

Wikileaks_logoThe single biggest story everywhere is the incredible saga surrounding WikiLeaks and larger than life leader Julian Assange, now languishing in a British jail. Among today’s headlines:

I want you to know, I am not defending Assange. I think he is a dirt bag. I think he is a dirt bag. He obviously has no problem using his 15 minutes of fame to sleep with anyone who is crawling.

But I have to tell you something, if you look at the people who are all lining up in defense of Julian Assange, and you see that these two are uber-leftists as well and you know the case that we have laid out over especially the last six months of bottom-up, top-down and inside-out, something is wrong.

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Did Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Restore Sanity?


Photo: (C) Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

No doubt the our two revered political comedians will be sparring for weeks to come with Glenn Beck over whose rally drew more people, but for now, let’s focus on what, if anything, they actually achieved. New York Magazine does a round up:

So what happened? Well:

People wore costumes. “One man wore only a diaper and a sombrero, and carried a large wooden anchor — a depiction of ‘an anchor baby,’ the name conservative talk show hosts have given to children born in the United States to immigrant parents … Some people donned faux Tea Party costumes, while others dressed as Harry Potter characters, robots and space aliens.” [NYT, NYDN]

Celebrities showed up. The tally, thus far: The Roots, John Legend, Tony Bennett, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, R2-D2, Cat Stevens, and Ozzy Osbourne. [Caucus/NYT, Gawker, Daily Intel]

The signs were creative.

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Why Glenn Beck Will Win

Photo: Erna-Louisa (CC)

Photo: Erna-Louisa (CC)

No, not the 2012 presidency! At least I hope not, but Brandweek‘s Todd Wasserman says he will beat the attempted advertiser boycott urged by progressive groups:

It seemed like a good idea: To get a program canceled, go after the advertisers. But such logic doesn’t seem to apply in Murdochland.

A yearlong attempt to have advertisers boycott Fox News’ Glenn Beck Program—by organizations including StopBeck, People for the American Way and MediaMatters.org—has actually resulted in more than 100 advertisers fleeing the highly rated program. But try telling that to News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch. Fielding questions during a News Corp. shareholder meeting this month, Murdoch flatly denied that the advertisers had pulled out of the controversial show even though many have been quoted on the record. “That’s not true,” said Murdoch. “Maybe four or five have been moved over to [Bill] O’Reilly’s program. [But] no one has taken any money off the channel.”

Well, the last part of his statement, at least, was true.

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Prison Interview with Glenn Beck-Inspired Gunman

Glenn BeckIn 2008 a Unitarian congregation in Tennessee was fired upon by a reported devotee of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage. In the shadow of last summer’s “ground-zero mosque” controversy, a NYC cab driver’s throat was slashed after he identified himself as a Muslim.

Were these the acts of disturbed individuals, already predisposed toward violence, or the natural outcome of so much inflammatory rhetoric being injected into the national discourse? Are hateful demagogues in any way responsible for the criminality of those who take them seriously?

John Hamilton of Media Matters raises these questions in a new piece, in which he interviews Byron Williams, a jailed gunman who credits Glenn Beck and Fox for inspiring his ill-fated insurrection against the Tides Foundation and ACLU.

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Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck

Artist Jonathan McIntosh created a bitingly satiric Donald Duck cartoon remix by weaving together dozens of classic Disney cartoons to tell the story of an unemployed, frustrated Donald Duck who finds comfort in the radio program of one Glenn Beck.

Will Donald’s feelings of disenfranchisement lead him to be persuaded by his radio’s increasingly paranoid and xenophobic rhetoric?

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Would You Want To Be Glenn Beck?

being glenn beckThe New York Times Magazine features Glenn Beck on its cover this week for a major profile entitled “Being Glenn Beck,” saying he’s “sheepish and approachable.” Oy Vey!:

Glenn Beck was sprawled out on his office couch a couple of weeks ago, taking — as self-helpers like to say — an inventory. “I think what the country is going through right now is, in a way, what I went through with my alcoholism,” he told me. “You can either live or die. You have a choice.” Beck, who is 46, was in the Midtown Manhattan offices of his production company, Mercury Radio Arts, which is named for Mercury Theater, the company created by Orson Welles. He had just finished his three-hour syndicated radio show and was a few hours away from his television show. It was a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of September, and Beck had just returned from a week’s vacation in the Grand Tetons followed by a quick hop to Anchorage, where he and Sarah Palin appeared at an event on Sept.

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Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin’s 9/11 Event

I fear the worst. The Week speculates on what they may be planning:

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are appearing together at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage on Sept. 11, and nobody’s sure why. Beck, on his radio show, confirmed the event but would say only, “I’m gonna give a speech up there, and Sarah’s gonna give a speech, too, but that’s it.” Beck’s coyness, along with Palin’s silence and the provocative date, have only amped up the speculation about this “mysterious” event. (Watch a Russia Today discussion about the pair of leaders.) Here’s five theories on what Palin and Beck are up to on 9/11:

1. This is the launch of Palin-Beck 2012
“The symbolic date of 9/11 invests this event with the inescapable possibility that he and Palin plan to announce their Presidential candidacy for 2012,” says Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times. Such a ticket is “not exactly unexpected,” but launching it on 9/11 is a cynical way to “benefit from the paranoia” they’ve helped create about a threat from America’s Muslims and “Obama’s fictitious Islamic religion.”


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Interviews From Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

The recent rally led by Glenn Beck brought together an interesting assortment of characters, and with them ideas. The New Left Media recorded various interviews with some of the attendees. More interesting than what bizarre claims they make, most had wrong or speculated information, yet not a single person cited a source from where their information was coming from. Of course except the one women who receives her immigration “facts” from her sister.

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Glenn Beck Sez, “The Jews Killed Jesus”

Yes, it’s another day and another piece of drivel from the mouth of Glenn Beck. This time it’s one of the bedrocks of antisemitism — that the Jews killed Jesus. How much longer until this guy overstays his welcome? Does his audience have an infinite capacity to absorb this stuff?

Here’s the story at Gawker:

Dream presidential candidate Glennifer Beck was on his television program last night talking about liberation theology and religion and stuff and he dropped some theological-historical knowledge on us: The Jews killed Jesus! Haven’t you missed that old saw?

Yeah, the “Jews killed Jesus” thing is one of the bedrock “arguments” of antisemitism and Glenn Beck, known Mormon, just up and said it…

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