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5 Million Gmail Account Passwords Were Leaked


You can check to see if yours was leaked here: https://isleaked.com/en.php (or you could just change your password for good measure!) Note that you will probably get a Bad Gateway error, but I think that’s because so many people are checking. If you keep trying, you will eventually get through.

I checked mine and it was leaked, but the password is an old one that I haven’t used in awhile (which seems to be the case for a lot of people).

via The Mary Sue:

Almost 5 million Gmail addresses and their passwords have been compromised and leaked on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Admins on the forum have removed the passwords from the text file, but the Internet is forever, so if your username is among those that have been hacked, you should change your password immediately.

Luckily, there’s a quick tool you can use to figure out if your account information was leaked.

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Telling The Story Of My Life In AdWords

Artist Erica Scourti chronicles the ad-triggering keywords embedded within her daily existence -- the hidden fuel driving the "free" internet economy:
Every day, I write and email my diary to my Gmail account and copy over the list of suggested keywords linking to clusters of relevant ads, making visible the way we and our personal information are the product in the ‘free’ internet economy. The video covers March 2012.
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Gmail’s Plan To Beat Facebook As Top Social Network

Google is taking pages from Microsoft's playbook as they subsume their rivals' business models. From the Wall Street Journal:
Google Inc. is taking a swipe at Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. with a new feature that makes it easier for users of Gmail to view media and status updates shared online by their friends. Google could announce the new Gmail feature as soon as this week, said people familiar with the matter. A Google spokeswoman declined to comment. The change adds a module to the Gmail screen that will display a stream of updates from individuals a user chooses to connect with, said one of these people. It is a format popularized by Facebook and Twitter...
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