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Kalifornian Exile, Dark Yogi and Dreaded Anomaly

goagildecorIn recent years ‘Darkpsy’ has proliferated through psychedelic trance like Yersinia pestis, with a clear goal in mind; the destruction of everything you think you are. Graham St John from the University of Queensland sensitively delivers his observations of the phenomenon, and the role of Goa Gil during it’s ichorous ascension to pandemic status, on Dancecult.net. While Gil’s methods and motives have been met with considerable criticism, he remains a potent and influential figure throughout the scene.

Angel’s Camp, near Santa Cruz, California, 11–12 October 2006.

It’s well past midnight, as psychedelic savants and nouveau freaks amass under redwoods. Overhead, the cosmos is vast and the stars are blinking back on those gathered in the clearing, soon to be buried under an avalanche of “killah” bass-patterns. Goa Gil is wreaking his usual havoc on those who’ve arrived to celebrate his 55th birthday. The “Godfather of trance” performs within a makeshift shrine, pushing darkpsy from a pair of Sony TCD-D8 DAT Walkmans,1 under Tibetan flags, over a statue of Ganesh with a Buddha decorated in plastic lotus flowers seated nearby.

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