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Hitler Was Not a Leftist

Picture: Public Doman

Most people will respond to the title of this post with “No duh!”  But there’s been a lot of effort by conservatives on the Internet to portray Hitler as a leftist.  After all, economic laissez-faire is the sole definition of the right, and anything else is therefore left, right?

Wrong.  No true, intelligent libertarian accepts the one-dimensional left/right political spectrum as accurate, which is why they’ve proposed a two-dimensional political compass.  And as I posted a while back, Noah Millman has proposed an even more descriptive three-dimensional political taxonomy.

While I don’t agree with all the points presented in the following article, enough of them are true to prove that while the Nazis may or may not have been true right-wingers, they certainly weren’t leftists.  (For the record, they viewed themselves as syncretists, not that you have to take their word for it.)

Steve Kangas writes:

Myth: Hitler was a leftist.

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