Dan Abramson writes on Huffington Post:

With the value of gold on the rise, Jon Stewart was determined to get to the bottom of what may have caused the increase. The likely fanner of these flames: yep, Glenn Beck.

After noting that gold goes up when people are panicked or concerned, Stewart sat back and enjoyed the greatest hits from “Beck’s hour-long nightly fear-cast.” That alone wouldn’t be enough to credit Beck for initiating this gold rush, but his role as spokesman for Goldline, an internet site where you buy gold, surely sealed the deal. Stewart recapped:

“Glenn Beck is paid by Goldline to drum up interest in gold, which increases value during times of fear; an emotion reinforced nightly on Fox by Glenn Beck.”

Calling Beck’s ethics into question, Stewart finished by stating, “You can’t spell ‘gold’ without G-O-D.”

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